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Best Pruning Saw For Any Gardener: The Versatile Garden Tool

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The best hand saw for pruning

You might not yet realize how versatile a good hand saw can be.

This tool can be used for everything from garden pruning to DIY projects.

Whether you are a beginner gardener or even a more experienced gardener, you need to invest in a hand saw that is both comfortable to hold and affordable for your budget.

You need the best pruning saw to handle all of your needs.

The problem is with such a huge selection available, how can you possibly narrow it down to the one best pruning saw to invest in that is both efficient and versatile?

Furthermore, what brands make the best pruning saws?

Luckily, we are here to help.

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Read our best pruning saw review to learn the following:

  • A quick introduction to hand saws and pruning needs.
  • An overview of how hand saws differ from both loppers (and pruning shears).
  • The differences between folding hand saws and fixed hand saws.
  • Our time-tested recommendation for the all-around 3 best pruning saws on the market.

Our recommendation below will highlight the hand saw you should be using in order to keep your plants healthy and your garden looking great!

Top 3 Best Pruning Saws for Your Garden

1) Fiskars 7-in. or 10-in. Power Tooth Softgrip Folding Saw
- Ergonomic resin handle with soft grip.
- Finished-chrome hardened steel blade.
- High tooth count/inch blade
- 7-in. blade, but handle is compatible with 10-in blade (which is what we prefer). [maxbutton id="13"]
2) Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10-in. Curved Blade - Ergonomic handle design.
- Curved blade for faster cuts.
-Cutting blade can't be resharpened.[maxbutton id="12"]
3) Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action - Rust-resistant blade.
- Hard-chromed steel blade.
- Unique blade with a thin top, wider bottom.
- Cutting blade smaller than others.[maxbutton id="14"]

Quick Pruning Overview

Pruning saws, in addition to pruning shears and loppers, are important go-to tools for

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your garden for many reasons.

First of all, pruning is a necessary DIY garden maintenance task that can help improve the aesthetic look of your plants. Pruning is defined as the act of removing branches, stems, leaves, flowers, and other plant tissues, which is done in order to follow the “3 Pillars of Pruning©.”

The3 Pillars of Pruning©” refer to why you should prune your plants and are as follows:

  • Pillar 1: Pruning out dead/diseased plant material.
  • Pillar 2: Prune out crossing or rubbing branches or stems.
  • Pillar 3: Prune to shape or form plants.

There are other reasons to prune, such as for safety reasons, but the “3 pillars” are critical to follow for overall garden health and maintenance.


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Types of Pruning Cuts

Whenever you prune, there are two different types of pruning cuts you need to make: thinning cuts and heading cuts.

Upon removing material from any plant, the plant will redirect its energy to the stems and buds that remain. That’s why you definitely need the best pruning saw you can find to get the job done so your plants can heal faster and stay healthy.

Hand saws allow you to prune those hard-to-reach areas that loppers and pruning shears just can’t reach.


Why You Need The Best Pruning Saw

Now that you have some basic pruning knowledge, let’s talk about the hand saws that will fit your needs by starting with what they are and how they differ from both loppers and pruning shears.

But first, why do you even need a hand saw?

Overall, hand saws are versatile, lightweight, and able to quickly cut larger stems and branches that loppers and hand shears just can’t cut.

The best hand saws are versatile for use in tight areas and their ability to cut a large range of sizes. They are usually lightweight thus eliminating fatigue in your arms and they make fast cuts due to the number, placement, and angle of each tooth on the blade.

Unlike loppers or hand shears, hand saws don’t leave the cleanest of cuts, however with bigger cuts you probably won’t be too concerned if you have the cleanest cut anyway.

Hand Saws vs. Loppers

Hand saws can be used for larger cuts from 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches in diameter. Sean’s favorite pruning saw, the Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw is the perfect type of pruning saw for these larger cuts.

Loppers can be used for some fine-cuts. However, they are best used for larger stems or branches over 1-inch thick, that need more cutting leverage. Loppers are generally used for stems up to 2 or 2 1/2 inches in diameter. If larger than 2 1/2 inch stems, and unless you are using some larger compound-loppers, a hand saw would be best for larger cuts. Our lopper pick, the Corona’s 30-inch Bypass Loppers, cuts stems and branches up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter, where larger stems Sean prefers to use his hand or chainsaw.

Also, in case you were wondering, pruning shears are another hand-held garden tool used to cut away smaller branches or stems with more precision and finesse. Pruning shears work best when used on small stems generally up to 1-inch thick. Whether cutting whole stems or needing to finely-snip a petite flower or stem, Sean’s absolute favorite pruning shears are the Corona ClassicCUT bypass pruning shears.

For more information about other pruning tools, click here to listen to DIY Garden Minute Ep. 23: Hand Saws vs. Chainsaws, Revealed!

Best Pruning Saw: Types and Features

Folding vs. Fixed: Which Hand Saw Is Right For You?

  • Folding hand saws are more versatile than fixed saws and can be used in tighter cutting situations.
  • Fixed hand saws are generally longer and larger, therefore, heavier than folding saws.
  • Folding hand saws are generally easier to fix if blades need replacing.
  • Folding hand saws have more ergonomic handles and stronger grips.
  • Fixed hand saws are not as safe when not in use (unless you have a sheath for it).

Therefore, folding hand saws are the best type of pruning saw for the reasons listed above.

Features Of The Best Pruning Saw

  • Cutting Size Matters
    • You need the tool that will make the correct size cuts for your needs.
    • You need a hand saw that can quickly cut stems or branches from 2 1/2 – 4 inches in diameter.
  • The Grip, The Feel
    • You need to know how it will feel in your hands and how comfortable it will be when actually using it.
    • It also shouldn’t put a lot of strain and/or pressure on your shoulders and back.
    • If it doesn’t feel comfortable in your hands just holding it then you definitely don’t want to use it.
    • Our recommended pruning saw is very comfortable which does not place added stress to any part of your body.
  • Weight Issues
    • The weight of the hand saw in your hands is also very important.
    • Lightness and maneuverability will be a huge factor in how consistent your cuts will be and your patience during longer pruning sessions.
    • In addition, think about how heavy the hand saw will be after holding it for an extended amount of time.
  • Blade Material
    • You want the strongest treated steel you can find that is tempered to be as durable as possible.
    • No matter how careful you think you will be, if it is not made of steel nor strong, you WILL snap or break that cutting blade at some point. It is inevitable.

Benefits of Best Pruning Saw

In Sean’s opinion, you should always opt for a folding pruning saw over a fixed pruning saw. Whether cutting whole stems or pruning as close to the stem or branches’ points-of-attachment, the folding pruning saw is the best. Sean’s absolute favorite pruning saw, Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw gets the job done and is easy on your body for less injury.

The Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw is the best pruning saw you can buy for your money because it is durable, light-weight, and can take a lot of abuse. Other hand saws on the market might feature longer blades or can make larger cuts, but they can’t match the toughness or quality of the Fiskars Power Tooth Saw.

The Fiskars 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw has been a go-to tool for Sean for many years while running his landscape business. Year after year, through all the seasons, this pruning saw has stood the test of time and never failed to stay sharp or hold together. Because of this, the Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw is still Sean’s go-to pruning tool for larger pruning cuts over 2 1/2 inches thick.

Sean has tested and used pruning saws made by both Corona and Felco, which are good brands, but he prefers Fiskars over any other brand. For durability, reliability, ease of use and maintenance, Fiskars out-performs them all!

The Top 3 Best Pruning Saws

1) Corona 7-inch or 10-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw

Cutting Size: 3.5-inches  | Weight:  2.4 oz  |  Warranty: none by manufacturer



Sean really likes the ease of use when using this Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw. This pruning saw is tough and versatile.  Especially when he can change out the 7-inch cutting blade with a 10-inch blade, which this saw’s handle is compatible with. Pretty cool, right?

This folding saw is made from chrome-finished, hardened steel and features aggressive 7-cutting teeth per inch for fast and smooth cuts. It also has an ergonomic soft grip resin handle, has an overall length of 21-1/2 in., and features a 2-position lock for the blade (opened and closed).

Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw is great for use with medium to large-ish branches cutting up to 3.5-inches.  With its aggressive cutting teeth, the Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw rips through limbs with ease.

Sean prefers the 10-inch blade length for even larger branch cutting and faster cuts!

The double lock button system of this pruning saw, opened and closed, ensures more leverage and smoother cutting. It also enhances safety since your fingers won’t get cut or punctured if your cutting technique diminishes through your work day. Also, the closed lock means you don’t have to worry about unnecessary cuts when storing or unloading your tools.

The chrome-finished, hardened steel allows Sean to make fast, strong cuts with almost no worry of snapping or bending the blade when aggressively using the Fiskars 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw. This saw’s durable resin soft grip ergonomic handle makes cutting comfortable and easier with giving more leverage and control for each cut.

With all these amazing characteristics and built-in professional uses, it’s no wonder Sean really likes the Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw!

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2)  Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch

Cutting Size:  5 to 6-inches | Weight: 11.4 oz  |  Warranty: Corona Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sean’s second favorite pruning saw is the Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw. It has a very different feel than the Fiskars pruning saw, but is still a versatile and useful pruning saw. The curved resin grip handle makes for fast cuts with good pulling cut power. The Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw comes with a 10-inch cutting blade and works well, with 6-cutting teeth per inch of blade. The curved cutting blade makes for fast cuts and it’s lock thumb-button is a great safety feature!

The Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw is in second place due to its great durability, curved handle, and cutting blade. Unfortunately, this saw cannot be resharpened and has literally fallen apart on Sean in the middle of a branch cut with extended use. This was not a happy day for Sean or the client. It’s also slightly more expensive than the Fiskars pruning saw with less cutting teeth per inch of blade. All of these reasons hold the Corona folding saw in 2nd place.

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3) Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action

Cutting Size: 4-inches  | Weight: 6.4 oz |  Warranty:  Feclo Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sean’s third pick for pruning saws is the Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action. Like most Felco products, this pruning saw is made with lightweight hard-chromed, rust-resistant, high-quality steel, It is also quite unique with its thinner cutting blade on the top than the bottom to prevent clogging or binding when cutting. It has a different feel to it than the Fiskars or Corona, as it is much lighter in weight and a bit more expensive.

The Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action has an ergonomic resin handle with a non-slip coating and a hand-stop hook built into the butt-end of the handle so the saw won’t slip out of your hand when cutting.

This pruning saw has a 6-inch cutting blade that can cut up to 4-inch diameter branches, known for its fast cutting capacity by design with blade teeth made to move through branches fast. The blade is replaceable, too, so that’s always a nice feature.

Overall, the Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action has a shorter cutting blade and is more expensive than the Fiskars or Corona pruning saws above which place it in 3rd place.

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Best Pruning Saw Conclusion

So, when you are ready to prune your larger garden plants or trees to keep them healthy, make sure you have your the best pruning saw ready.  The three hand saws we have presented are well made, durable and strong. Mostly made from steel, each has an ergonomic design for your comfort so each of your cuts will be clean and precise.

Folding hand saws are highly recommended over fixed types due to their safety features and ability to reach difficult cuts.

Overall, the Corona 7-inch Power Tooth Soft Grip Folding Saw is our favorite based on its construction, ease of use, and lightweight feel. Even though we wish the blade was a little longer, the 7-in. blade can be swapped out for a 10-in. with ease. Furthermore, its versatility for use in projects other than pruning makes it an affordable, all-around awesome hand saw.

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Well, that’s all for now

Thanks for reading and we hope we inspired or educated you about the best pruning saws in our tool review above. If you want free stuff, check out our Resource Library page for FREE printable freebies in our Resource Library!

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