Fall pruning is a garden maintenance task that often gets overlooked. However, fall is the perfect time to prune (some) of your beautiful plants around your yard!

This episode is for those of you who need help pruning your garden, including what kind of cuts to make and how to get started.

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Fall Pruning

The 4 most common fall pruning questions we hear will be addressed in this podcast, including:


1) What does it mean to prune a plant?

Pruning involves removing parts of the plant to improve its health, aesthetics, and form. There are two types of pruning cuts: Thinning Cuts and Heading Cuts.


2) Why should you even care about fall pruning?

There are four main reasons to prune a plant which will help improve the plant for years to come.


3) Which specific plants should be pruned this fall?

You should prune by specific species need. Don’t prune everything in your garden. Listen to find out more.



4) What should you do with your fall pruning debris after you cut it?

Cut debris can be put back into your garden for nutrients. You could even get really creative and use your debris as art.


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Fall Pruning Tip

Check out our quick pruning video!

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Got Pruning Tools?

Check out our Best Pruning Shears post here to learn what makes a good pruning shear and what we recommend!

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Today’s Topic: 

Fall Pruning!

Learn how and why to prune your fall garden.


“Prune Like a Pro” Cheat Sheet!

“And That’s Good to Know” Segment

All About Poinsettia’s

(Euphorbia pulcherrima)

What You’ll Learn:

  • What it means to prune in your garden or landscape.
  • Why you should care about pruning.
  • Specific trees and shrubs you should and should not prune this fall.  
  • After pruning in your garden, what to do with the limbs and sticks you cut.
  • Advice for cutting back herbaceous perennials that have already died back, such as Hosta’s, Day Lilies, and both English and Common Daisies.
  • Background, uses, poisonous attributes and good indoor locations for Poinsettia’s


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