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How to Mulch

Wood chip mulch displayed in Spoken Garden's "How to Mulch in 6 Basic Steps" post

Plants & Care 101

Group of wild Shasta Daisies in a field

How to Prune

How to Weed

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How to Water

Dramm watering wand watering a bed of flowers

How to Plant Plants

Man picking up plant from ground to be planted in new garden bed location.


drought-tolerant landscape

Soil Texture

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We are soo excited you are here. We are Sean and Allison McManus and we are Spoken Garden.

We want to help you understand that you do have the ability to grow the garden of your dreams. That’s why we created Spoken Garden in the first place, to teach you about smart, sustainable garden care.

We are uniquely suited to be your best guides on your journey to becoming a better gardener. Between our Podcast, YouTube Channel, and Blog, we have an amazing library and catalog to help you start to become a better gardener. Our upcoming courses will further develop your garden care knowledge and confidence to fully enjoy your garden and also ease your garden care workload.

It all starts here.

You are here to start (and continue) to build your garden care skills and strengthen your plant knowledge. Here we have curated our main garden and plant care categories for you to start to become a better gardener. 

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