Learn how to control and manage your spring weeds with our weeding tips and suggestions.


Raise your hand if you love garden weeds!


Okay, we know how you feel and we plan to help you get as many of those pesky weeds as you can with our weeding tips!

Every spring garden requires some maintenance to get it ready for planting and we’ve got weeding tips, best practices, and information for your spring garden weeding. 

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In Ep. 33: “Weeding Tips” – learn about spring weeds and start to develop your plan of attack for your own garden.

This episode is meant for beginning gardeners who want to learn about different types of weeds and how to go about ridding of them.  

If you are not sure where to get started on mulching, go to our Mulching Start Here page to get the basics.

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If you want to get started weeding right now, this tool is the best one around! We’ve been using it for years to clear our garden beds after every winter season.

 This specific hula-hoe garden weeding tool is perfect for all your weeding tasks!



Weeding Tips

In general, a weed is any unwanted plant growing in your yard. They adapt to different environments by reproducing and/or spreading quickly throughout an area.

Usually, a weed will try to out-compete any native or other plants in your yard for sun, water, soil, nutrients, and space which is a big reason to yank ’em out!

Starting at the ground level, you will focus on getting those unwanted weeds and other plants out.


Here are some simple steps to help you get started:

  • Make sure to pull out the weeds by the roots
  • Watering down an area before you begin will make them easier to pull
  • Use the correct tools (hula-ho, hand trowel, etc)
  • Develop a weeding strategy 
  • Don’t stoop or bend over for too long or you will hurt your back



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How to Pull Weeds

If you are new to gardening or just haven’t given it much thought before now, weeding can be a beast all on its own.

Most everyone has their own weeding strategy that works best for their needs. However you do it, you should have the basic goal of fully removing or controlling any plant you don’t want in your garden.

Full removal of plant stems, leaves, roots, and crown should be the ultimate goal, but sometimes you can’t get all the roots, so you do what you can and see if anything grows back so you can try full removal later.

Some common weeds you will see in your garden this spring could be:

  • Chickweed
  • Dandelion
  • Crab-Grass
  • Bind Weed
  • Pig Weed
  • Canadian Thistle
  • And more……


Garden Weeding Tools


Your hands can be one of the most effective tools against weeds. Use gloves so you don’t have any unknown reactions to plant tissue or liquids on your skin.

Plus, it’s good to protect your hands from thorns or unseen material in your garden. With gloves, you can really get in there to pull – tear – rip – and fully remove weeds.



This hula-hoe is the perfect weeding tool for your garden


Use a garden hoe to remove pesky weeds and your time spent weeding can be greatly shortened. This tool can help you cover a larger bed area in a shorter amount of time.

The Flexrake Hula-Ho Weeder Cultivator w/ 54-Inch Wood Handle makes weeding a snap. This tool scrapes and literally severs weed roots from the ground.

The repeated action of pushing and pulling with the hula-hoe drastically speeds up your weeding chores making it so easy. We love this tool!!

Also, there is the old-fashioned hoe OR a stirrup. Both work great. The old-fashioned hoe lets you dig deeper in the soil for deeper rooted, larger weeds where the stirrup or hula-hoe scrapes the surface of the soil to dislodge smaller weeds. Then you can use a rake to make piles of all the weeds to then pick up.




A tiller can do two things at once: dislodge weeds and grass fast and fluff up your garden soil making it easier to plant in. 

This might not be the best option if you have any bulbs or other herbaceous perennials planted in that area of your garden, as the tiller will damage and dislodge them as well as the weeds you want to remove.

If you have bulbs and perennials in the garden bed, your best option is to remove weeds by hand or by using a hoe.



Using a shovel isn’t the most efficient way to weed as you remove a lot of soil along with each weed you remove, but in some cases, a shovel is the only tool and way to remove a weed from your garden.

If you have lots of soil attached to the weed roots, just shake or remove the soil with your hand so you don’t throw away perfectly good soil with your weeds.



Weeding Videos





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Weeding Strategy Conclusion

Now that you have some ideas for how to combat those weeds in your yard, you are ready to get out there and get ’em!

Whichever weeding tip works for you, just remember to always pull out any weeds by their roots.

Now we want to hear from you!

What type of weeds do you see around your yard?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!


That’s all for this episode!

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Learn how to control and manage your spring weeds with our weeding tips and suggestions.


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