It’s FALL season (or it’s almost here) and you know you need to clean up your garden and prep for winter, but where should you start? Also, isn’t this the time to plant a few perennials for spring? Learn all about specific fall garden tasks you should start now in this podcast mini-series.

Our 7-episode, podcast series will outline 8 different garden tasks you should be doing this fall or should consider adding to your list. All of these garden maintenance tasks are crucial to the health of your garden.

The FALL GARDEN TASKS that will be featured in our 7-episode mini-series:

  1. Ep. 22: Introduction to the 8 Fall Garden Tasks and our own Fall Garden Bootcamp Challenge!
  2. Ep. 23: Fall Weeding Tips and Effortless Leaf Clean Up
  3. Ep. 24: Fall Garden Mulching and Lawn Maintenance
  4. Ep. 25: Fall Pruning
  5. Ep. 26: Fall Planting, Transplanting, and Fertilizing
  6. Ep. 27: Fall Equipment Maintenance
  7. Ep. 28: Fall Garden Task Series Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Featured Tools!!

Corona ClassicCUT Bypass Pruning Shears

Fiskars 28-inch Bypass Loppers


Late Fall Tree Pruning Tips:

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Some tasks have been paired so you can be as efficient as possible. For example, one of the tasks, Leaf Clean Up, is paired multiple times so you can continually pick up the leaves around your yard as they drop. Your trees and shrubs won’t drop all their leaves at once so multiple pick-up times throughout a month is a good idea.


Fall Garden Boot Camp Challenge!


Join our Spoken Garden community of like-minded gardeners!! This will be FUN!! You won’t want to miss out!!

  • Daily garden tasks focused on specific areas of your yard!
  • By the end of boot camp, you will have beautiful garden beds, next year’s flower bulbs planted, healthy soil, a refreshed lawn, and cleaned/tuned equipment!
  • Guided instructions included!
  • Includes alternate activities to accommodate all types of yard sizes and shapes!

Start your garden boot camp today and receive your FREE boot camp calendar once you submit your name and email!



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