Are you a proactive gardener or a reactive gardener?

Not sure what the difference is as it relates to gardening?

In our “Proactive vs. Reactive Garden Strategy, Explained,” we’ll define the difference between the two strategies and provide examples so you have a better understanding!

This will help you determine which strategy fits you best!

This episode is meant for any level of gardener who wants to learn different techniques to use in their garden.

Proactive Approach or Reactive Response?

Have you ever thought about how your garden’s needs and your needs work together?

A proactive approach to gardening would occur when you anticipate a problem or need of your garden and then plan for it!

For example, planting deer-resistant plants in advance to keep deer out of your garden. Or, putting down a mole or gopher repellent (Sweeny’s Granular Repellent works in our yard!) to deter them in advance from entering your yard.

A reactive response to your garden would occur when you wait for something to happen and then react to it accordingly. It is not a bad thing, necessarily, because often we don’t have a choice what happens in our garden.

Another example would be a garden pest such as a gopher, squirrel, or rabbit appears and now you need to amend something in your yard to deter their presence. Again, Sweeny’s Gopher and Mole Repellent Granules work really well keeping Gophers and Moles out of your yard!

The type of garden strategy you choose is entirely up to you!

We’ll present you with each one and you can then figure out what your gardening strategy can be.

For more examples of proactive gardening: 

Do you need to prune your roses, trees, or shrubs soon?


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