You want to find ways to lessen the amount of time you spend pulling weeds or battling pests in your garden.

Have you ever heard of “proactive gardening”?

Purple lavender used for poractive gardening

In reality, there are several strategies you could try that could help you save time and energy in your garden.

In our “3 Proven Ways to Be A Proactive Gardener,” we’ll expand on what a proactive gardener is and give you specific ways to BECOME MORE PROACTIVE!

This episode is meant for any level of gardener who wants to learn different techniques to use in their garden.

Also, if you want to first learn the difference between proactive and reactive garden strategies, listen to DIY Garden Minute Ep. 43: Proactive vs. Reactive Garden Strategies. 

Deer Resistant Plants, Drought Tolerant Plants, and Designed Weed Control?

You want to be proactive, but you’re not sure where to start.

You need to be strategic.

It is time to make physical modifications to your garden.

The three examples we’ll present in our podcast will help you:

  • Lessen animal damage to your garden plants
  • Decrease plant stress
  • Reduce weeds

Listen to this podcast for these specific ways you can change up your garden with long-lasting results for specific problems.

Proactive Gardening Supplies:

We have suggestions for plant material and tools that we recommend for proactive gardening.

Click each link below to purchase these plants or tools on Amazon.




Proactive Conclusion

These 3 proven ways to be a proactive gardener can help you get on top of your garden’s needs for the long-term!

You’ll also begin to notice other positive effects like encouraging pollinators, less need for water usage, and healthier soil and overall garden ecosystem.

See, we are helping you maintain your garden and adding a little extra value that you can bank on for years to come!

Pretty Sweet, Right!?!


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See ya in the Garden!

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Blooming purple lavender flowers in a field surrounded by framing and text on 3 proven ways to be proactive in your garden.

3 Proven Ways to Be a Proactive Gardener.

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Today’s Topic:

Proactive Gardening

Learn 3 proven way to be a proactive gardener and give your garden long-term benefits.


Show Notes

Pest Removal Quick Tips Guide from our Free Resources Library

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to lessen or remove any deer damage to your garden plants.
  • Which drought-tolerant or resistant plants to lessen stress and pest/disease susceptibility.
  • How to control and prevent weeds with plant spacing techniques.


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