Learn what deep watering is and how to apply it to your old and new garden plants.




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Today’s Topic: 

What the Heck is Deep Watering and Why You Should Care?

In this podcast, you’ll learn what deep watering is and why it’s important for your garden.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is deep watering.
  • Why deep watering is important.
  • How to apply it to your garden with old AND new plants.
  • Resources and links for more information.


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What is Deep Watering?

You already know that watering your plants on a schedule is very important, but how does deep watering work and can you use it in your garden?

First, deep watering is when you water your established plants longer, but more infrequently to promote deeper growing roots that can access water during drier times of year.

Roots will be able to grow to 7 to 12 inches deep or deeper  in your garden soil when you deep water and this is where that deeper soil water will be available during drought conditions.


Why You Should Care

Plants with shallow roots in the upper 6 inches of soil during drought conditions will struggle to find the needed water to maintain their general health. Plants with deeper roots can stay hydrated and continue to grow during times of drought where shallow rooted plants will start to shut down and can die.

Deep watering not only helps you train your plants to grow deeper roots and stay healthy during drought conditions, but it also helps you save money on your water bill.


How to Apply Deep Watering to Your New and Old Plants

Deep watering should be applied to your established garden plants where they have already developed a moderately healthy roots system past their first year of being in your garden.

Newly planted plants not yet through their first year of establishment in your garden will still need watering on a regular basis, where after that first year, they can then be deep watered. You can still apply deep watering to your new plants, but know that their root systems won’t reach deep down yet to access that water, yet.


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