Learn the Top 5 Garden Trends for 2020 and how they impact your gardening in the New Year.




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Top 5 Garden Trends for 2020

In this podcast, you’ll learn the top 5 garden trends for this coming year and how they will impact gardening for the foreseeable future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What the top 5 garden trends are for 2020.
  • What changes they will make on gardening in the new year and future.
  • How they will impact your gardening and how you think about gardening.
  • Links and videos for further resources or education.


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Each year there are new trends and the start of another is a great time to hear about upcoming trends, especially for gardening. Here are the top 5 garden trends for 2020, compiled from Garden Design, the National Association of Landscape Professionals, and from Garden Media Group.


1) Cities of the Future 

It is predicted that by 2050, close to 70% of most country populations will want to live in cities for better education, job opportunities, and a higher quality of life. With this many people in the coming years will want to live in cities, it is predicted that there will need to be landscape and garden oasis’ for people to use to quell their need for connecting with nature. This will include parks, gardeners, green-ruves, and other green infrastructure including indoor areas like green walls or vertical gardens and city arboretums. This year it is predicted that we will see more green-areas in cities being built or planned for the coming future.


2)Immersion into Nature

Similar to the first trend, but slightly different, is how more people are going to want to seek out nature around them for different reasons, including to relax, learn, play, and have more group activities with friends, family, and colleagues. This means, in 2020, more people will want to spend time either in personal or public oasis’ for personal health.


3) Circular Economy with Green Re-Use/Recycling

This trend for the new year is predicting a marked increase in how companies and consumers can minimize waste and make most of the resources. This will come down to how we manage our waste to reduce, reuse, and recycle different waste and resources. It follows the first two trends where the more people living in closer proximity and needing to consume more products, resources and waste management will become more and more important.


4) Green Collar Jobs

With our cities filling up, the need for more green spaces and better management of resources, it is predicted in 2020 that there will be an increase and need for more people to work in these areas for tending gardens, making more green-choices and sustainability management systems. This will mean more vocational education programs in urban agriculture, garden sustainability, and many other specializing areas of expertise.



5) Indoor Plants

More and more people are starting and collecting different indoor plants for different reasons, but our final top 5 Garden predictions for 2020 is a continued increase in the popularity of indoor plant care and collecting. Besides indoor plants cleaning your home’s air, adding a bit of outside or nature to your indoor dwelling, and reducing stress, indoor plants are also great for being able to care for another living thing, like a pet. Through more nurseries and specialty plant shops offering indoor plants and new varieties, along with local and regional plant sways, it is predicted that in 2020, more people will take part in either starting or continuing to grow their indoor plant gardens.


There were other trends listed in all three sources for this episode, but these were the most consistently named in all three sources.


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Learn the Top 5 Garden Trends for 2020 and how they impact your gardening in the New Year.