Learn three different garden goals for your garden to start this year.


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Wild flowers in bloom in outdoor garden bed.



Today’s Topic: 

3 Garden Goals for the New Year

In this podcast, you’ll learn three different ideas you can use for your new garden goals to start the New Year.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What different garden goals you can start this year for more color, to be more eco-friendly, and sustainable in your garden.
  • Links and videos for further resources or education.


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If you are like Allison and me, you have goals for this new year in 2020 and you want to set some goals also for your garden.

Here are three goal ideas for your garden:

  • Start an actual flower garden. Either a single area of nothing but flowers or groupings of flowers spread throughout your whole garden.
  • Become more eco-friendly in your garden. This could be using less or no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, or be less dependent on using fossil-fueled equipment to maintain your garden. Examples of this would be to use an electric lawn mower, leaf blower, or even hedge trimmer or chainsaw.
  • Use more sustainable methods of gardening so you decrease your maintenance needs for weeding and weed control, for soil nutrition, and to increase wildlife habitat. An example of this would be using a no-till weeding method.


Have you made your garden goals for this new year? We’d love to hear what they are. Find us on Instagram and let us know!


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Learn about 3 Garden Goals to add color and to make your garden more sustainable in the New Year.