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10 Flower Seedlings That Don’t Like to be Transplanted

flower seeds to sow in biodegradable pots
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The last thing any gardener wants is to watch their flower seedlings die.

Unfortunately, this is the actual reality for many gardeners. Many flowering plants just do not like to be moved once they’ve germinated from seed which means they need to be directly sown into the garden.

BUT, if you want to start these seeds indoors and get ahead of the flowering season, like we do, you need to come up with a whole new game plan for sowing them so they won’t be impacted by transplanting.

Luckily, there are a few alternatives you can try when sowing these transplant-sensitive flower seeds so you can still get a jumpstart by sowing them indoors.

Here are three easy ways to sow these plants safely:

  • Soil Blocks – literal blocks of soil you form yourself or with an easy to use tool. Seeds germinate and grow in these blocks to then be transplanted out into your garden later once they are mature enough, after threat of frost, and their root systems are still small enough so they aren’t disturbed when placed in your garden.
  • Biodegradable containers, like recycled cardboard square pots, peat pots, toilet paper rolls, or other materials.
  • Direct sow these seeds in your garden, but then you will have to wait longer into the season to see them flower, and that really sucks when there are alternatives …. because you want these flowers FASTER.


Transplant Sensitive Plants

Now that we know there are alternative ways to grow these root-sensitive plants by seed, besides in pony-packs or cell trays, let’s get into this fun and well-known list of plants to sow by seed this year and add to your garden:

Dahlia Cactus Flowered Blend

Russian Statice

Russel Blend Lupine

Lupine Russel Blend

Lauren's Grape Poppy Bread Seed

Oriental Poppy Blend

Poppy Corn - Amazing Grey

Nasturtium Fiesta Blend

Snapdragon Magic Carpet Blend

Bachelor's Button Blue Boy

Morning Glory Chocolate


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We hope this post has been helpful and eye-opening so you now know which of your flowering plants and their seeds to handle a little differently this seed-sowing-season. Head over to our blog page to read more about seeds and seed sowing, in the navigation bar “Read”.

Happy seed sowing and get out there and garden!

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