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Plan for a Greener 2021 with These 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

holiday gift ideas
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Give any of these gift ideas for gardeners to help the gardener on your list plan for a greener 2021

Holiday git ideas for gardeners that are green and ecofriendly


You may be searching for ideas for the “green thumbs” in your life, especially if gardening is a new hobby this year as a result of the pandemic.

This holiday season, help the gardener on your list plan for a greener 2021 with useful gift ideas for gardeners that motivate and inspire them to expand their gardening skills in the new year.

Listed below are ten, holiday gift ideas with brief descriptions of how they’re useful, why they’re “green,” and links for where to find them.

We’ve hand-selected each garden gift idea below because it is made from an eco-friendly material, it supports green living, or it is sustainable. Read on below for useful ideas, green gifts, and eco-friendly products for anyone on your shopping list (or maybe just for you).



Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Help your gift recipient create a greener, more eco-friendly 2021 with these gift ideas for gardeners below.



1) Barnwood Planter Organic Culinary Herb Garden Kit

Photo credit: True Leaf Market


Everyone loves kits because there are so many options included. And, this gift is the whole package.

It’s an indoor herb kit, which includes organic, non-GMO herb seeds, and it’s a rustic, reclaimed wood planter from Mountain Valley Seed Co.

This could be a great gift for anyone who wants to eat healthier and grow herbs indoors this winter or year-round. It fits on a counter, windowsill, or other narrow growing areas inside.

We love this organic culinary herb garden kit because it promotes growing plants to use in the kitchen as well as improves indoor air quality and the environment.



2) Flower Collection Seed Starter Kit

Photo credit: True Leaf Market












Ok, seriously. This seed starter kit from Mountain Valley Seed Co. is FULL of flowers (and you know how we love kits because you cannot go wrong).

There are so many reasons why growing more flowers can lead to a greener 2021, including promoting and supporting the local pollinators.

The best part about this kit (besides all the flower seeds) is there are three options depending on your gift budget (pictured is the “Premium” version). Each of these options includes assorted flower seeds, seed growing trays, humidity domes, seed label sticks, and more. The difference between the kits is in the number of supplies included.

We’ve personally grown many of the flower seeds that are offered in each of the kits, all from Mountain Valley Seed Co, and the seeds germinated reliably and grew beautiful flowers.

This flower collection seed starter kit will be a perfect gift for any budding flower grower, new gardener, or anyone on your list.



3) Garden Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are a must-have tool in any garden and DeWit’s Tierra Garden hand trowel is a great option for those looking to garden more sustainably.

The handle is made of a hard ash wood that is sourced from environmentally responsible FSC-certified forests.

The business-end of this hand trowel is forged and hardened boron-steel. Planting, cultivating, and weeding are easy with this “green” tool.


4) Wood Bird Feeder

Promoting more pollinators and wildlife is always a greener way to live. These deluxe cedar wood bird feeders with suet cages by Woodlink are not only helpful to the birds, they are made from reforested, kiln-dried, inland Red Cedar trees. Plus, it can hold a combined weight of 5 lbs, including mixed seed and two suet cakes.

The birds in our garden absolutely love this feeder and who doesn’t love receiving gifts like this?

Made from strong wood and durable materials, this deluxe bird feeder will sustain and feed your local birds and other wildlife to help promote a healthier ecosystem.


5) “The First-time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers: All the know-how you need to plant and tend outdoor areas using eco-friendly methods” Book

Reading and learning about how to create a greener 2021 is a great place for any gardener to begin. Our new book (which will be released on February 9th, 2021) would be a perfect gift (in our humble opinion) for any gardener on your list, maybe even for yourself!

We poured our heart and soul into our first-ever book published by Cool Springs Press and we cannot wait to get it into your hands!

And, while the book won’t physically be available until after Christmas, it will ship right before the spring growing season in February and will teach all about how to grow plants and flowers, what they need to grow, how to care for them, and so much more. The whole book is written through an eco-friendly, no-chemicals-ever perspective, which is how we tend to our own garden. Plus, we have an awesome spring bulb bonus gift for every pre-order!

The First-time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers: all the know-how you need to plant and tend outdoor areas using eco-friendly methods written by Sean and Allison McManus.


6) Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws by VEHHE

Drinking your favorite drink through straws is always fun, no matter if you’re a gardener or now. But, not when you know that any plastic straw you use will hurt the environment. And, let’s face it, the paper straws just don’t work well and don’t last very long. By the time you have drunk about half your drink, the paper straw starts to break down and disintegrate. Not fun.

These stainless steel straws are reusable and won’t hurt the environment. They even come with a cleaning tool and carry pouch. Sooo cool!



7) Self-Watering Containers by HBServices USA Corp

If you work long hours, travel, or just forget things cause you are so darn busy, here is the perfect solution to stay on top of watering your potted plants… Self-Watering Containers. Right!?!

Made from BPA-Free plastics with a large water reservoir, these 10-inch containers are great for indoor and outdoor plants. This container can keep some plants watered for up to 2+ weeks, so your watering worries will be a lot less and your plants can stay hydrated and healthy.

Your gift recipient can grow everything from veggies to herbs to flowers. Maybe a self-watering herb garden they can come home to after a long day of work? It can be used on balconies, decks, windowsills, and even indoors



8) Bamboo Gardening Gloves by Bellingham

One of Allison’s favorite gardening gloves, these gloves are made from sustainable, bamboo-rayon fibers with a nitrile outer coating.

They are breathable and wick moisture away. Plus, they’re machine-washable. Being abrasive, puncture, and snag resistant, these gloves are just as tough as the bamboo plants they are made from and made to last.



9) Composting Tumbler from Gardener’s Supply

Is the gardener in your life interested in zero waste, eco-friendly gardening? Introduce them to composting!

A composting tumbler, like the one pictured above, is great for the time-sensitive, space-challenged gardener. Sure they can just throw some scraps in a homemade bin, but this way they can eliminate the smell and it is really easy to use for beginners (although there is some setup of the product involved).

They won’t have to dig or mix anything by hand with this composting tumbler which takes a lot of time and effort. Every few days they just need to crank and turn it over a few times.

This product contains all the compost and eliminates an open-air bin that could easily attract critters. This composting tumbler is also sustainable because it is made of recycled polypropylene (the type of plastic compound used to make prescription bottles, yogurt containers, etc).




10) Aqua Joe Water Timer 

Various garden tools can help any gardener learn to become a better steward of the environment through their own garden maintenance. This product is one of those tools.

This water timer is a great tool for an eco-friendly yard. By setting the timer to the length or frequency they choose, they can save time and money on precious resources.

We love our Aqua Joe water timer. We have a LOT of plants, trees, and shrubs around both our front and backyard and we feel good knowing that we only use water as needed.

This product is sustainable because it’ll help gardeners monitor the time their water is running and therefore lessen the amount of water that is used.

For the water-conscious, eco-friendly gardener, this water timer is a must-have.



Conclusion for Gift Ideas for Gardeners

This garden gift guide above was curated with a list of green products intended to serve as your shopping resource for any gardener.

We hope you found one (or maybe more) of our ten garden-related gift ideas above to be the perfect fit for your shopping list. If not, then we hope you got a few ideas and maybe learned something new.

Now, we want to hear from you!

Is there anything missing from our list above that you feel has to be included? Let us know by leaving a quick comment below and thanks!


Thanks and see ya in the garden!

~Sean and Allison


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Give any of these garden gifts to help the gardener on your list plan for a greener 2021!



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