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May Gardening Tips – Spoken Garden Monthly Newsletter May 2021

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Orange begonia from the garden center

Orange and pink begonias we picked up from the garden center

It’s May (yay!) and that means we are moving further into spring with summer on the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere.

You might have noticed a sweeter smell in the air, trees leafing out, and lots of activity at your neighbors’ houses as they go about their garden chores. Your list of projects has probably doubled or more in the last month and that to-do list is getting a little bit longer each day.

But, we love it, right?

Like all of you, we’ve had a HUGE to-do list around here as well this spring. It’s been all-hands-on-deck here to keep up on our seed sowing, seedling transplanting (using our Little Dibby garden tool, of course), sorting, planting, and filming all the new plants from Proven Winners and bulbs from Eden Brothers for this season, along with more raised bed building (elevated beds on legs this time!).

And, our first book, “Growing Plants and Flowers,” was released on April 27th!! Woohoo!! Again, a HUGE thank you to those of you who ordered our first book! (And, we would be honored if you could leave us a review on Amazon).

So, moving forward in our gardens this month, In this month’s newsletter we want to get you thinking about what to look for when buying new plants at your local nursery, which flowering herbs to add to your garden, and your watering habits.

More importantly, happy early Mother’s Day to all you hard-working, garden-loving moms out there! We appreciate you!!


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Alright, Let’s dig in deeper below.



1) Finding the BEST plants at your nursery (because we’re all shopping for plants right now)

people sitting outside store

Before you buy anything, you want to make sure that the plants you are about to purchase are healthy and have no signs of disease, damage, lack of growth, or any other problems that you could potentially bring home to your garden.

It has happened to all of us gardeners at one time or another.

Therefore, before you buy ANYTHING, read this article and stay tuned for an upcoming video from us this month about how to choose the healthiest plants at the nursery or garden center. Happy shopping!

How to Choose Healthy Plants at the Nursery


2) Add More Flowering Herbs to Your Garden for Your Health and Enjoyment

pink-and-white floral decor

With all the plants and flowers available in any one garden, flowering herbs stand out as an awesome group of rockstars for so many reasons.

For their ability to attract tons of pollinators, their culinary benefits, and so many other reasons, they are an explosion to the senses creating a unique garden experience each time you touch, smell, or taste their plant parts. (By the way, here’s one of our previous plant profile articles about echinacea).

Check out this article from Fine Gardening to learn about 10 perennial flowering herbs that you may not have in your garden yet. And, luckily, now you know how to find really healthy plants from your garden center from the previous article, right?

10 Ornamental Herbs for Your Garden



3) Rules for Watering

green leafed seedlings on black plastic pots

Watering is a key garden chore for healthy plants and flowers.

But, there is a delicate balance to watering your plants. Too much water, too little water, or watering in the wrong place, among other things, can kill your plants or cause damage or disease.

None of which we want to happen. In this article, read about the “10 Golden Rules for Watering” to brush up on best practices and more before the summer season.

10 Golden Rules for Watering



“Saturday Morning Live Garden Chat” on YouTube

In case you didn’t know yet, we go LIVE on YouTube each Saturday morning at 9am PST to talk about gardening, plants, and so much more!

We always begin each live with a question and answer segment and then dive into our main topic. We have a great, growing audience each week (as this is still fairly new for us) and a lively chat so we’d love to invite you to join us!

Check out our upcoming schedule of dates and topics below for the month of May with links to each YouTube LIVE so you can set a reminder if you’d like to join.

That’s it for this month’s newsletter! If you have any questions just reach out by shooting us an email.

​Have a great week, a great month ahead, and we’ll see ya in the garden! Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos coming this month!.




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