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On your journey to becoming a better gardener, you will need to practice and apply what you have learned.

Sign up below and take our challenges to improve your new found garden skills and become a better gardener.  

30- Day Garden Boot-Camp Challenge

Our Challenge to You! Over the next 30-days, we are challenging you to get your garden looking tidy. How This Works: Each week you will start a task moving you closer to your goals, day by day. We’ve accounted for your busy work week by creating short, manageable blocks of work time each day. By the end of the 30 days, you will have beautiful garden beds looking clean and revived. 

Click the green button below to get started and email us if you have any questions or need help at seanandallison@eseospace.dev. Let’s get you started. 

We believe you have the ability to care for your garden, no matter what previous garden care experience you have.

Sean and Allison from Spoken Garden - podcast interview with Allison

Sean and Allison McManus

Hi there! We are soo excited you are here. We are Sean and Allison McManus and we are Spoken Garden.

We want to help you understand that you do have the ability to build your garden care skills and strengthen your plant knowledge so that you can become a better gardener.


We are uniquely suited to be your best guides on your journey to becoming a better gardener. Between our Podcast, YouTube Channel, and Blog, we have an amazing library and catalog to help you start to become a better gardener. Our upcoming courses will further develop your garden care knowledge and confidence to fully enjoy your garden and also ease your garden care workload. 

Are you not sure what garden topic you would like to learn about or where to begin? Click the green button below to get started.

Find your garden care topic by reading our articles, listening to our podcasts, watching our videos, and taking our garden challenges. Of course, email us with any questions you might have or if you would like us to cover a topic you don’t see here. We look forward to being your guides on your journey to becoming a better gardener.

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