Find the optimal time for planting seeds in the spring based on your frost-free date.


You are ready to plant your vegetable, flower, or herb seeds but you are unsure when would be the best time.

Depending on where you live, there are optimal times to plant your seeds.

You don’t want to risk getting them in the ground too early or too late or you could ruin the seed germination.

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In “Frost-Free Dates: When to Plant in the Spring” – DIY Garden Minute Ep. 74 – learn about predictions for different zones around the U.S. plus links to other resources so you can find a proper estimate.

This episode is meant for beginning gardeners, or any gardener, who need resources for finding their frost-free dates.

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When Should I Plant Seeds For Spring?

Spring planting depends on the specific plant seed you want to grow and its needs.

It also depends on your planting zone.

A good rule-of-thumb for planting seeds in your garden is the last frost day for your location.

Here are some 2019 predictions for specific regions of the US according to the Farmer’s Almanac (with 80% accuracy):

  • Seattle, WA: March 17th should have been the last frost day.
  • Portland, ME: May 5th will be the last frost day.
  • Reno, NV: May 9th will be the last frost day.
  • Atlanta, GA: March 29th will be the last frost day.

We’ve created a spring shopping list that might be helpful for you!


Planting Calendar

An even better way to know the best time to plant your garden seeds is to go by the Farmer’s Almanac, which uses not only the first frost-free dates but also uses the moon-phases to help pinpoint the best times to sow seeds during a specific month.

To check your own city, click the link in these show notes for the Farmer’s Almanac website search for last frost dates in your area.

Of course, each year can be different from the previous year’s frost-free date, and the current year is just a prediction.



Spring Seed Planting Videos


Below are a couple of videos that might be useful for you for starting your seeds.




Here’s a fun, crafty way to plant seeds that could involve the whole family!

Spring Vegetables to Plant: Seeds, Bulbs, and Books

Below are several products we’ve curated for you to help you with your spring planting needs.

We are promoting seeds and bulbs from Eden Brothers because of their healthy products and fast shipping times. In fact, we ordered quite a few seeds from them this year and the online ordering process was very easy.

Also, we’ve created a spring shopping list that might be helpful for you!


2019 Farmer’s Almanac

It is extremely helpful as a gardener to own a copy of the Farmer’s Almanac book.

This version is from 2019 and the most current copy of a book that has been around for hundreds of years!

It is used to predict long-range weather patterns with 80% accuracy.


Spring Vegetable Seeds

Now get ready to sow your garden seeds this Spring!

Below are a few varieties of seeds offered by Eden Brothers or a link to other vegetable seeds to plant right now.


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Summer-Flowering Bulbs (to plant this spring)

If you are looking to plant some summer-flowering bulbs, we have been very happy with the selection from Eden Brothers.

Click here to find bulbs to plant this Spring that will bloom in time for this Summer.

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Spring Planting Conclusion

We’ve presented predictions from the Farmer’s Almanac for your zone so you know the right time to plant this spring.

By planting your spring seeds and summer-flowering bulbs at the optimal times, you can ensure your garden will be healthy and happy for months to come!

Now we want to hear from you!

What is the frost-free date in your area?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!


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Learn when to plant seeds this spring based on your frost-free date.


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Frost-Free Planting Dates

Learn when you can start planting seeds for your zone with our suggestions and resources.


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