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DIY raised garden beds are perfect for grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs. However, vegetable gardening can sound like an overwhelming task if you don’t know the basics.

You might wonder if you can actually build a raised garden bed of your own or where you could place it on your property?  What materials should you use to construct your vegetable garden? Which fruits and vegetables should you grow?

However, this is one DIY garden project you can complete! Armed with just a little background knowledge and your “green thumb,” you can create a food-producing garden worthy of your dinner plate. That’s what we hope to help you accomplish.

On Episode 19, we will walk you through our personal home vegetable garden building project and give you some tips and tricks on how to build your own DIY raised garden beds, where to place them once they’re built,  which soil to use, how to plant your crops, and some basic maintenance advice.

Also, you can reference our blog post regarding building your own raised garden beds for specs and graphical diagrams.

This episode is for those of you who need help creating your very own vegetable garden, including how to build raised beds, where to place them, and which fruits and vegetables you wish to grow.


This is part two of our two-part podcast series on vegetable gardening basics. Listen to part 1 here


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After listening to this episode, what kind of raised bed do you plan to build or have you already built? What do you intend to plant in your new beds? Email us at and let us know!

We’d love to hear about your progress!


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Do you want to build your very own raised garden bed in time for summer planting? You still have time. Today on Ep 19, we teach you how to build an easy, DIY raised garden bed with tips and tricks on where to place it, how to build it, which soil to use, how to plant your crops, and some basic maintenance advice. 

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Today’s Topic:

Vegetable Gardening + Raised Garden Beds!

Learn how to build your own DIY raised garden beds as well as where to place them once they’re built.


Show Notes


“And That’s Good to Know” Segment

Flower Container Do’s and Don’ts

What You’ll Learn:

  • Benefits of constructing raised garden beds
  • Where raised garden beds should be placed on your property.
  • Materials you could use to create raised garden beds.
  • Suggestions for fruits and vegetables you could grow.
  • Various uses for flower containers
  • Do’s and don’ts when planting flowers in containers.


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