Everyone gives roses on Valentine’s Day.

But not you. You are different.

You want to give a unique, memorable gift for that loved one in your life because unexpected gifts are the best kind of gifts.

The hardest part will be picking just one gift from our list below (we managed to fall in love with this one really unique gift).


Red heart-shaped tree for Valentine's Day in Spoken Garden's DIY garden minute podcast

In our “Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Gardeners,” podcast and show notes below, we’ll present 5 unique and unexpected garden gifts.

This episode is meant for anyone looking for garden-related gift ideas for Valentine’s Day (or any other day, really).


Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

Are you ready to do some shopping for the garden lover in your life??

Below you will find everything from succulents to trees to seeds.

There are so many unique ideas out there, however, we felt that these 5 unexpected gift options are perfect for you to choose from.

The best part is the prices are GREAT right now and most of the items have Prime shipping!



Non-GMO Wildflower Seed Mix

This is the perfect time to gift spring and summer-blooming flower seeds.

These seeds are perfect for your gardening loved one who loves flowers and wants to help the pollinators.

We love this seed packet (and company) because all of the seeds are sourced from open-pollinated plants.

This packet is full of different colored flowers, like Black-Eyed Susan, Purple Cone Flower, Columbine, White Yarrow, Dianthus, and more!

For more information on planting seeds or using Non-GMO seeds:


Heart-Leaf Philodendron

This is a great gift to show your loved one that you care about them so much you want them to have cleaner indoor air, a more positive attitude, and even help keep them calm with a sense of having the outdoors indoors!

The Heart-Shaped Leaf Philodendron is a REALLY easy plant to care for needing only indirect light, some water, and very little maintenance otherwise.

And look at those heart-shaped leaves!!

Under the right indoor conditions, this gift will continue to grow new heart-shaped leaves symbolizing all the love and affection you have for your loved one for years to come! 

For more information about Heart-Leaf Philodendron and other indoor plants:


  Heart-Shaped Hoya kerrii Succulent-Like Plant

Life would “succ” without this unique gift idea!

We instantly fell in love with this unique plant because it is a perfect alternative to cut flowers. 

Costa Farms produces this one of a kind heart-shaped succulent-like plant

Even after the Valentine’s Day holiday is over, the recipient of this gift can keep this heart-shaped plant as a reminder of your love and affection the rest of the year. 


Meyer Lemon Tree

We guarantee you never thought of gifting a citrus tree for Valentine’s day!!

By gifting your loved one a lemon tree they could eventually grow and pick their own actual lemons. Isn’t that great?!

Just like your relationship with your loved one, with care and special attention, this tree can mature over time to produce fruit you could both can enjoy. 

This tree we are promoting is a Meyer Lemon Tree fully certified from Hirts’ Garden. It loves full sun and can remain outside in temperatures above 40-degrees F.

This lemon tree produces the sweetest of all lemons and is great as an indoor or outdoor plant. 

(Unfortunately, since it is live citrus, it cannot be shipped to Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Texas, Virgin Islands as per USDA Regulations). 


Succulent Heart Wood Planter and Centerpiece

This super unique gift has many different options for uses including the choice of displaying it inside your home or outside in your garden.

This multi-purpose gift can be used as both a living centerpiece for any table, hung on a wall, or displayed near a garden.

It’s hand-made and fresh to order.

The succulent plants are very low maintenance and easy to care for.

So many different ways to use and express your love to someone! 



Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Conclusion

The possibilities are endless for creative, unique ways to express your love.

With our 5 unexpected gift ideas above (including our favorite),  you can hopefully find that perfect present.

Why buy roses or cut flowers, when you can show how thoughtful you are with your unique Valentine’s Day gift!


That’s all for this podcast episode!

If you are looking for more information about unique gift ideas check these out:



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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Learn about 5 unique and totally unexpected gift ideas for those gardeners in your life!


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