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What is Valentines’ Day and Where did it come from?  Can I only give a specific flower as a gift that represents Love and Valentines’ Day?  What are Sean’s Top 5 Live Gifts to give this Valentines’ Day?  By the end of this episode, you should have some GREAT ideas for gifts and a better understanding of what Valentines’ Day is all about!

And That’s Good-To-Know segment Non-Lethal Animal Deterrents in your garden, in the spirit of Ground Hogs Day in a couple of days.

Groundhogs Day description

  • Non-Lethal Animal Deterrents For Below Ground Wildlife
  • Non-Lethal Animal Deterrents For Above Ground Wildlife


To find out more on using wildlife deterrents in your yard, you can go to

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Main TopicValentines’ Day and live gifts for your loved one!

Top 5-live gifts to give and a little information for each one:

#1.  Regular-tried-and-true Bouquet of Cut Flowers

#2.  Live Plants – Potted or to plant in your garden

#3. Hand-Dyed Boquet – How-To-Link:

#4. Fruit 

#5. Vegetable

  • Expanded Infor for #4 and #5.

Pro-Tip #1

Pro-tip #2  

Personal Anecdote on handmade gifts and significance.


Wrap Up:

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