Learn about leaf mulch do’s and don’ts and the benefits of using leaves as mulch in your own garden in this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.

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You might not have given it much thought before but besides being vibrant in color and giving so much texture and form in and around your home garden and yard, leaves from trees and shrubs help plants breathe and convert light energy into metabolic energy.

After leaves fall from plants in the autumn they are still highly useful in your garden and yard for several reasons, including:

  • weed control,
  • soil building,
  • improving drainage,
  • lessening soil compaction and erosion, and much more.


If you plan to use leaves in your garden even after they have fallen, learn how to use them in and around your garden beds and yard, by listening to this DIY Garden Minute episode.

Listen to this quick podcast to learn about the important do’s and don’ts of using leaves as mulch in your garden beds.

This episode is perfect for a beginning gardener or new homeowner who wants to learn about the benefits of leaf mulch. 


If you are not sure where to get started on mulching, go to our Mulching Start Here page to get the basics.


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Leaf Mulch

Leaves can come from many different trees and shrubs in your yard, where you can keep them in your garden even after they fall.

Below are some do’s and don’ts in for using leaves in your garden in brief. For more details, listen to the podcast above. 

  • DO …. layer leaves in and around your garden and landscape beds.
  • DON’T … layer leaves more than 2-inches.
  • DO … cover your leaves so they don’t blow away from wind.
  • DON’T … use any leaves from street curb gutters or from inside street drains. 
  • DO … use only non-disease or non-pest infested leaves.
  • DON’T …let leaves stay and decompose on your gravel areas around your yard.




Leaf Mulching Tools and Products You Need

We have spent multiple seasons mulching all our garden areas and these tools are highly recommended for successful mulch spreading.

Don’t risk injury by not using a wheelbarrowpitchfork, or other necessary items. Check this list below to see what you’re missing.


Round Shovel



Hard Metal Rake





Pitch Fork










Garden rake


A blower for cleaning


If you are not sure where to get started on mulching, go to our Mulching Start Here page to get the basics.


Plant Care Books 

If you’re looking for further educational resources about all types of perennials, these books below are great educational references!

The first book is our new eBook which we’re so excited to show you! The two books below that can be found on Amazon at the links below.

Four-Season Gardening

If you want to create a four-season garden featuring specific, beautiful plants that bloom during specific seasons, look no further than our new book!

In Four-Season Gardening, we’ll teach you plant care tips for 15 seasonal plants and seasonal gardening tricks that could be the difference between a thriving garden and a ho-hum garden. Check it out!

American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

This is a great reference guide for tons of plants from the American Horticultural Society.

Mulch It! 

Conclusion for Leaf Mulch

Using leaves as mulch offers so many benefits to your yard.

Not only is it free, using leaves around your yard is a zero-waste idea that can help promote healthy soil and plants.

Now we want to hear from you!

What other questions do you have about mulching with leaves? Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!




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Using leaves as mulch


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Learn about leaf mulch do’s and don’ts and the benefits of using leaves as mulch in your own garden in this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.


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Leaf Mulching

In this podcast, you’ll learn important do’s and don’ts regarding leaf mulch that you need to know before spreading leaves around your yard. Plus, make sure you’ve got all the right mulching tools.


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What You’ll Learn:

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