Do you need to learn the difference between Anvil and Bypass pruning shears? What are the benefits of each type? We’re here to help you update your garden tools terminology!

Listen to our quick segment on this “DIY Garden Minute” to learn about why you need bypass pruning shears over anvil pruning shears.

This episode is for any gardener who needs help understanding why you would use one type of pruning shear over another.

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Learning the difference between Anvil pruning shears and Bypass pruning shears, and the benefits of using Bypass.

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Today’s Topic:

Anvil versus Bypass Pruning Shears!

Find out what the difference is between the two pruning shears and why you should use Bypass Pruning Shears.


Show Notes

Pruning Cheat Sheet at our Free Resources Page

What You’ll Learn:?

  • What are Anvil and Bypass Pruning Shears?
  • The differences between the two.
  • Why you should choose Bypass over Anvil Pruning Shears.


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