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Create Your Best Garden This Year and Help It Thrive With These 12 Steps

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Improve your garden care know-how from “I barely know anything” to “I feel way more confident” in just 12 steps! Read on to learn how to power-up your garden maintenance routine throughout the year ahead.


Beginning gardeners, listen up! Are you ready to finally move forward on your dream of setting up your first garden but you have NO idea how to begin or what to do next?

Learning about garden care might be a daunting garden goal for you but don’t worry. There is no time like the present to get started.

We’re here to help you do just that.

In our post below, we’ll provide you an overview of our free Power-up Challenge designed to help you throughout the whole year ahead. (sorry, at present, this challenge is closed). We’ll be offering personal, online consulting/teaching to help you reach your garden goals! Stay tuned for more!

Yep, this is your start-to-finish, step-by-step garden care program for the rest of the year.

Read on below to learn how to finally move forward with your new garden in 12 steps.



Power-Up Your Garden Care

Below, you’ll learn about our brand new Power-up Garden Care Challenge in brief. Each step of the challenge below corresponds to a very important part of your garden’s overall care.

In addition to our brief overview below, we invite you to go ahead and sign up for the more-detailed, yearlong Power-up Garden Care Challenge right now by clicking here. After you sign up, you’ll be all set!

Following that, you’ll begin receiving important details, plant care tips, and garden care tricks once a month to help you throughout each step in the Power-up Challenge. Plus you’ll get exclusive content, like downloadable sheets, audio, and video content, that won’t be available anywhere else.

But enough about that, let’s get started with the overview of the 12 steps below and then you can decide if you want to join up for more!



How to Start a Garden for Beginners (in Just 12 Steps)

There are so many elements to starting a new garden. We understand why it may feel overwhelming.

First, let’s simplify everything and start with the basic steps you’ll need to begin planning for your garden. That’s where we begin with our Power-up Challenge.

Next, we’ll briefly guide you through a year of garden care as we’ll be presenting it in our Challenge.


1) Setting Specific Goals in the New Year 

Before you can start planning your first garden, you have to think about what you actually want to accomplish. This is a crucial step that will set up the rest of the year for success.

In this step, we’ll help you set your garden goal(s) correctly and specifically using our template.



2) Spring Garden Design Part 1: Setting Garden Priorities and Taking Inventory 

After writing out your specific garden goal, you need to figure out your priorities in order to move forward through the year.

Therefore, in this step, we’ll help you break down your newly-created goal into smaller pieces and dig in deeper.


Plants for a first garden

Learn how to care for the plants in your first garden throughout our Power-up Challenge so you don’t get frustrated wondering what to do next.

3) Spring Garden Design Part 2: Building Your Garden From the Ground Up

With all the information you’ve now gathered in step 2, you can begin thinking about how your goal and your priorities will fit with what plant you already have, AND with what you like and want in your future garden.

We’ll help you begin designing your new garden in this important step and guide you to think about color, texture, sun exposure, and much more using our resources and worksheets.



4) Prep, Plant, and Put Into Practice

Now that you’ve planned out your garden design, it’s time to gather your supplies and go shopping.

In this step, we’ll help you begin to build your new garden using all your new spring-blooming plants.



5) You’ve Planted, Now What? 

After your garden has been created with your new plants, the real job begins.

With our pro-tips and tricks, we’ll teach you how to streamline your garden care from the get-go and establish your garden maintenance routine in this step.



6) Spring Container Gardening and Seasonal Colors

Bring seasonal color and interest to your garden at entrances and around walkways of your garden with pots and other containers. That’s right, you get to add more plants!

With this step, we’ll help you choose annuals and bedding plants for your containers, create beautiful, summer garden interest, and care for them properly.



7) Summer Garden Hacks to Save You Time (and be worry-free during vacations)

How can you keep your garden healthy if you are on summer vacation or just busy? Not to worry!

In this step, we’ll teach you time-saving hacks and automations you can add to your garden care routine to keep all your plants alive even while you’re busy.



8) Late Summer Plant Care and Pollinator-Planning

After the gardening hacks we taught you in the previous step, we’re going to add even more to help your late summer garden thrive.

Plus, we’ll talk about pollinators with specific time-tested tips for promoting more of them to your garden now and through the fall.



9) Getting Ready for Fall Season 

Now that summer season is winding down, it is time to plan for fall season garden care.

We’ll discuss fall-blooming plants in this step and tips for healthy plant care in this step.



10) How Garden Bulbs Fit Into Your Routine and Fall Planting 

The fall season is a busy season for plant care and we’ll share several, specific things you need to do this time of year, including bulb planting, transplanting, and more.

Even if your original goal involved starting an herb garden, everyone can benefit from these timely tips and tricks.



11) Time to Prepare for Winter 

Winter season is all about protecting your garden and we’ll help you prep your to-do list and get started early.

Plus, we’ll guide you to start thinking beyond the upcoming winter season and into next spring.



12) Reflecting on Your Garden Goal 

At the end of the year, we’ll help you look back through the past year and reflect on your garden successes with our guided worksheet.

This is a step a lot of new gardeners don’t make time for so we’ll help you slow down and reflect back.



Beginning Gardener Further Resources




Getting organized, setting goals and priorities, designing and building your new garden this year, and then properly caring for it can be fun and exhilarating.

We want to help you through this process from start to finish; from concept to completion and then on into the future.

Again, we’re here to help you along the way by:

  • Getting you organized,
  • Guiding you through your garden’s design and creation, and
  • Setting up simple garden care.

It can be overwhelming, but with our step-by-step system, you will create your new garden with ease following your self-created goal.

Now we want to hear from you!

What step above do you struggle with the most? Let us know by leaving a quick comment below and thanks!




Thanks and see ya in the garden!

~Sean and Allison


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Take your garden care know-how from “I barely know anything” to “I feel way more confident” in just 12 steps! Read the post above to learn how to set garden goals for your first garden.



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