Learn how to improve your container plant’s water drainage on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.


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Container Gardening for Beginners – Why It’s Different Than Ground Bed Gardening – DIY Garden Minute Ep.192 (Podcast)

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How to Maintain and Improve Your Container Plant’s Water Drainage

You are setting up or have already placed your container garden for this coming year on your patio, deck, balcony, or other space, AND are REALLY EXCITED!

But, you might be worried about making sure your containers are draining so your plants don’t get overwatered and don’t attract diseases or insects,

AND you aren’t sure how to maintain or improve their water drainage.


So, here are three ways to make sure your containers and the soil in them are draining properly:

  1. Make sure there is at least one drain hole on the bottom of each container. Your containers might already have drain holes, but if not, you can make your own. This is easy to do for plastic or resin kinds of containers using a regular power drill with a bit. Cement or rock containers with no formed drain holes will need special drills and bits so they don’t crack or shatter the container.

  2. Choose the right soil for your plants so they get enough water, but they aren’t in an “over-watered” situation sitting in moist or mucky soil too long or ever. A general “potting soil” or “container soil” will help most container plants have enough water available, but also keep water draining through so it doesn’t sit around plant roots too long to cause other problems.

  3. Remember to create and help loosen both new or older container soil by periodically poking deep or shallow holes in the soil with an old stake or even a trowel. This creates new open areas for water to drain into and move easier through your containers’ soil profile for more even watering for plant roots stay hydrated and move through the entire soil profile.


Other ways to improve your container plants water drainage are to:

  • Add/mix compost or ther decomposed organic matter.
  • Add/mix in sand.



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Learn how to improve your container plant’s water drainage on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.