Our Mission

We want to help you become a better gardener by strengthening your plant knowledge and building your garden care confidence.

Our Story

Throughout the past 20 years, it seemed most everyone had a home gardening question for one of us. With a background in horticulture, gardening, landscape, and teaching, we wondered if we could make a difference by educating others about their gardens and yards. We realized the need was there which we could provide. Podcasting sounded like an interesting, new challenge, and ta-da…Spoken Garden, the podcast was created. Three months later, Spoken Garden expanded to include a website with a blog.

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Meet the Team


About Sean

Sean has a Master’s in Environmental Horticulture from Washington State University and possesses several other horticulture, landscaping, or gardening-related certificates. Sean has over 8 years of experience in Industrial Garden Maintenance and 12+ years operating a private landscape and consulting company. 

With over two decades in the field, he dreams to fulfill his lifelong passion for educating others about horticulture and gardening.


Sean and Allison

Co-founders, co-producers, and co-creators

About Allison


Allison has a Master’s in Teaching and is a National Board certified middle school science educator. Through trial and error over the past 10+ years, she has successfully maintained several vegetable gardens and beds full of flowers. She loves attracting all kinds of pollinators and is proud of the fact that their yard is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

She has a passion for photography, animals, writing, traveling, creating content, and lifelong learning.

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