It’s the holiday gift-giving season! What could you buy the pruning lover on your shopping list? In our “5 Garden Gifts For Pruning Lovers,” we’ve curated a GREAT list of gifts to choose from! We love gifting garden presents and we bet you do too! What better way to share the joy of the outdoors than with garden-inspired presents! Below is our gift list. Click each link below and listen to the podcast to hear more!

Pruning Gift IdeaPrice
1) Corona ClassicCUT Forged Bypass Pruning Shears [maxbutton id="22"]
2) Fiskars 28-inch Bypass Loppers [maxbutton id="9"]
3) Fiskars 7-inch PowerTooth Soft Grip Folding Pruning Saw 
[maxbutton id="13"]
4) DeWalt Anti-Fog Safety Glasses [maxbutton id="23"]
5) Husky Water-Resistant Leather Gloves [maxbutton id="24"]
Listen to our quick “DIY Garden Minute” to learn about these 5 suggestions and more! This episode is meant for anyone looking for garden gifts for those pruning lovers in your life. This is the 2nd episode of our “Holiday Garden Gift Series” podcasts.  

Are you looking to Save Seeds From Common Garden Vegetables?  Look No Further!

We want to share with you the Simple Seed Saving course! Simple Seed Saving is an online course developed by Kait’s Garden, a Homesteading and Family Farming Blog, run by Kait Ahlin who lives with her husband and family in western Montana! She is passionate about organic gardening and seed saving and wants to share her knowledge with you through her course, Simple Seed Saving. Watch a course demo here and be sure to let her know that Spoken Garden sent you! Start collecting your garden vegetable seeds by following this easy-to-follow online course with downloadable reference charts and the course never expires because you have lifetime access!   Best of all the condensed information of the course can be quickly completed in an afternoon.

Need Other Pruning Supplies For Your Fall Pruning Tasks??

[convertkit form=5253351]

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Today’s Topic:

Garden Gifts for Pruning Lovers

Learn 5 GREAT holiday gift ideas for the pruning lover on your shopping list!


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What You’ll Learn:

  • 5 gift ideas for pruning lovers and why they would be perfect.
  • Where to buy all 5 gifts.


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