Learn 5 flower staking mistakes to avoid this summer on this quick garden minute podcast.




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Today’s Topic: 

5 Flower Staking Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

In this podcast, you’ll learn 5 different flower staking mistakes and how to avoid them this summer.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 5 Flower Staking Mistakes.
  • How to avoid each of these mistakes.
  • Resources and links for more information.


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5 Flower Staking Mistake To Avoid This Summer

It’s summer and your flowers are opening up all over your yard.

And, you just realized you need to stake them to keep them upright so you can keep enjoying them.

As you stake your flowers, here are 5 flower staking mistakes to avoid this summer:

  1. Avoid girdling flower stems. This shortens the life of any flower by cutting off water and nutrient flower from the rest of the plant. Flowers beginning to whither, stop flowering all together, or start drooping are examples of what plants look like when this happens.
  2. Avoid positioning twine to high on the flower where it bends and misshapes the flower from it’s natural form. Twine should go on the lower end of the actual flower stem. Examples of this is when a flower is staked and the tying material is placed mid-way or close to the top of the flower stem and there is a slight bend towards the stake.
  3. Avoid damaging the roots of the plant you are staking. Positioning the stake far enough away to not damage plant roots and not right up next to the plant stem or plant base is a good example of this. Still be close enough to stake that plants flowers.
  4. Avoid damaging a plants growing crown area, like on a Shasta daisy or Hosta, by locating the stake out away from the mass of leaves and stems, but still close enough to reach the flower stem. An example of what not to do is place the stake directly in the center of the plant pushing it down through the leaves and stems to the below dirt.
  5. Avoid tying twine, rope, or yarn into knots. Tie loops instead, like you tie your shoe laces. That way you can always lengthen or shorten the line in the future to keep that flower positioned just right.


And those are our 5 flower staking mistakes to avoid.


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Learn 5 flower staking mistakes to avoid this summer on this quick garden minute podcast.