Listen to learn what 5 fall garden tasks you need to do so your garden stays healthy on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.



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Five Fall Garden Tasks to Plan For

If you are like us, you start planning for the upcoming gardening season at least a couple of weeks before it actually comes, and Fall is on its way.

And one way to think about fall gardening is to be preparing your garden for winter.

So, what 5 fall garden tasks should you be thinking about to get your garden ready for this coming winter? 

  1. Mulch your garden beds, ground AND raised. This provides insulation and protection from any fall storms and cooling temperatures that could harm your plants, along with many other benefits.
  2. Planting spring-flowering bulbs, if they can overwinter outside in your garden. Get your Daffodils, Tulips, Grape Hyacinth, Alliums, and other bulbs in the ground.
  3. Weeding your garden beds so your plants don’t have to compete with unwanted plants for water, light, and nutrients.
  4. Spreading Compost to revitalize your garden soil and help recycle broken down 
  5. Add new plants to your garden and divide older plants to fill in open spaces around your garden.

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Listen to learn what 5 fall garden tasks you need to do so your garden stays healthy on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.