Learn 3 ways mulching in the fall months helps protect your plant’s roots on this quick garden minute podcast.




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Hosta, lily, and azalea plants all in garden bed showing how healthy they are with mulch around them.

Today’s Topic: 

3 Ways Mulching This Fall Can Help Protect Your Plant’s Roots.

In this podcast, you’ll hear 3 ways that mulching this fall will help protect your plant’s roots.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 3 ways mulching this fall will help protect your plant’s roots.
  • Our recommended tools and supplies to mulch this fall.
  • Resources and links for more information.


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3 Ways Mulching In the Fall Helps Protect Your Plant’s Roots

The Fall season will soon be upon us.

This means we all need to start protecting our plants this fall for the coming winter months and what better way to do this than to mulch your garden.

For your plants to have all the benefits of mulch, you need to keep mulch levels consistent throughout your garden up to 3-4 inches thick.

Whether you have wood chip mulch, rock mulch, or are using some other kind of material, here are 3 ways how mulching will protect your plants this fall:

  1. Having a good layer of mulch over plants roots can help protect them from freezing temperatures.

  2. It also can regulate better the temperature around plant roots so it is more consistent, lessening any temperature extremes that would otherwise create more stress.

  3. And lastly, mulching around your plants this Fall will help keep them stationary and less prone to erosion or being washed away in heavy rain or wind storms, along with lessening soil compaction.


And there are three reasons why mulching around your plants with mulch this fall is important.


Our Recommended Tools and Supplies to Mulch This Fall

These tools and supplies will help you mulch this fall:

Metal Fan Rake

Metal Bow Rake


Small Tarp




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Learn 3 ways mulching in the fall months helps protect your plant’s roots on this quick garden minute podcast.