Listen to learn these 3 proper perennial fall planting tips on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.



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Three Proper Perennial Fall Planting Tips

Fall is a great time to add new perennials to your garden.

Your garden soil is still warm from the heat of the summer and is workable to place new plants before it freezes.

Take advantage of this time to add your new plants to your garden and follow these 3 tips:

  1. Make sure to dig your new planting hole twice as wide in diameter as it is deep so your new plant will have an easier time establishing new roots into your garden soil.
  2. Break up and tease out any root-bound plants with a mass of circling roots to make sure the roots don’t keep growing that way and they can grow into your garden’s soil. You can use pruning shears or even a knife to break roots up.
  3. Be sure your plant isn’t planted too deep or too shallow in its new planting hole, both of which can lead to other problems later on. Place your new plant so it’s potted soil level is even with your garden’s soil level. 
  4. Bonus Tip #1: Don’t prune your new perennials during or after planting them, unless for dead tissue removal. There is no need to further stress your plant with pruning while it starts getting established and used to your garden.
  5. Bonus Tip #2: Mulch around your newly planted plants with a natural material to insulate plant roots from cold temperatures, and reduce erosion and compaction around plant roots so it can get established faster.

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Listen to learn these 3 proper perennial fall planting tips on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.