Listen to learn the 3 tips to winterize your rain barrels on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.



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Man squatting next to a rain barrel with water diversion pipe and screwdriver.


3 Tips to Overwinter Your Rain Barrels

Winter is almost here and that means you should winterize your rain barrels so they don’t have any damage over the coming winter months and they are ready to use this spring.


  1. First, open the lowest spigot on the barrel to start draining the water out of it. This will help keep the water level low over the winter months and, even though not all the water will empty out of your rain barrel, any water left inside won’t completely damage the barrel when it repeatedly freezes and thaws over the winter months.
  2. Second, clear away any leaves, needles, and other debris from the top of the rain barrel where water is screened or filtered before it enters your rain barrel. This will help with keeping the inside of your rain barrel clean and clear of debris over the winter months.
  3. And Third, detach the diverting hose from your roof gutter downspout and put a cover over the downspout opening so water can freely flow down it. A cover might have come with your rain barrel installation kit, but if not, try to cover the downspout opening with a piece of metal, plastic, or rubber so water doesn’t splash out and create another water problem later.



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Listen to learn the 3 tips to winterize your rain barrels on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.