Learn these 3 tips to make your hanging basket and container plants look fuller on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.




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3 Tips to Create Fuller Hanging Baskets and Containers

Your hanging baskets and containers are all planted and placed around your garden, and now you might be wondering how you can make them grow fuller.

This is perfect because we have 3 tips to help you create and grow fuller hanging baskets and containers that you can apply right away in your garden. 


For fuller plants in your hanging baskets and containers, you need to

  1. Pinch/Prune – When you pinch back or lightly prune plants, they generally redirect their growth to lateral growing points and shoots to expand more and lengthen less. You can pinch back your plants in hanging baskets and containers so they start to fill out and stop them from becoming leggy or viney.
  2. Fertilizer – Applying a liquid fertilizer every 1 to 2 weeks to your hanging baskets and container plants will help deliver needed growing nutrients so they can continue to developing new shoots, leaves, and flower on a more consistent basis.
  3. Rotate – Making sure plants in hanging baskets and containers are turned and rotated every week or two helps otherwise neglected sides of plants gain light exposure to create a more healthy and balanced look, especially for growth. This will lessen leggy or sparse growth areas in plants and create a more full look to any hanging basket and container. Even shade-loving plants will need to be rotated to still be exposed to indirect light for a fuller growing plant.


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Learn these 3 tips to make your hanging basket and container plants look fuller on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.