Learn 3 reasons why you should harden off your seedlings on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.



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3 Reasons to Harden Off Your Seedlings

Your seedlings are growing and almost ready to be planted in your garden.

Before you plant them, though, they need to first be hardened off so they aren’t shocked or harshly stressed, or they could be irreparably damaged or even die.

About 1-2 weeks of hardening off your seedlings and plants can really set them up to be as healthy as they can for their future in your garden.

It’s all about acclimatizing your young or new plants to your gardens environment and you need to introduce them slowly and over time to your garden environment.


Here are 3 reasons to harden off your seedlings:  


  1. Your garden’s light levels in your region. Having exposure to natural, full or even partial, sunlight is extremely important so plants don’t get scalded or burnt after you plant them in their new homes.

  2. Next, your garden’s current daily and, eventually nightly, temperatures. Small tender plants coming from a greenhouse regulated temperatures to the outside temperatures can be shocking and actually stunt plant growth, or kill them. 

  3. And, lastly, wind and other weather can help strengthen and build better plants, but only if done with new seedlings over time. If you place your plants out in your garden right away, wind, rain, and other weather can harm them.



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Learn 3 reasons why you should harden off your seedlings on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.