Learn these 3 important ways to space your container plants on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.



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Container Gardening for Beginners – Why It’s Different Than Ground Bed Gardening – DIY Garden Minute Ep.192 (Podcast)

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Container Spacing and Why It’s Important

Wherever you have planted containers, (on your deck or patio, along your walkways, or even at entrances) they all need to be spaced correctly so they stay healthy.

Here is why spacing is important: 

  1. First, think about the plants in each container and how tall those plants will grow by the end of the spring, summer, and into the fall season. The containers with taller growing plants will need to be placed behind any smaller growing plants in other containers so they don’t shade out and block any needed sunlight. Shading out plants can lead to plants with longer stems and look more leggy, along with less or no flowers.

  2. Next, think about how wide the plants in each container will grow by the end of their growing season so they have plenty of room to grow into and have that space available.  The closer plants grow together, the more they also compete for available water as they overgrow and into each other areas

  3. With enough room to grow to help plants stay healthy and not compete with each other for sunlight and water, spacing around each other also helps with air flow and making sure that fungal and bacterial diseases don’t have the optimal environment to thrive and kill your amazing plants. Spacing so air can move around each container, even just a little bit, can help keep your plants healthy.



Watch Our #Shorts Video To See How to Improve Drainage in Your Containers



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Learn these 3 important ways to space your container plants on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.