Learn about these 3 easy-to-use seedling transplanting tools on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.



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3 Signs To Know When To Transplant Your Seedlings – DIY Garden Minute Ep. 185 (Podcast)

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3 Easy-To-Use Seedling Transplanting Tools

Your seedlings are ready to be transplanted to new homes in your garden where they can continue to grow and mature over this spring and summer.

But you aren’t sure which seedling transplanting tool is best to get it done.

Besides using your fingers, here are three easy to use seedling transplanting tools you use:

  1. One Chopstick – Even with its roundish surface, you can still pry and gingerly lift your seedling up out of the soil. You also might have to pull and tug on your seedling to get it up with this tool.

  2. Knife – With a flat small surface area you can more easily pin any small seedling to the knife as you pry and lift the seedling out of its current home.

  3. A widger like on the Little Dibby – this gives you a more exact tool to loosen and cradle a seedling to lift from its current home to be planted into its new home to continue to grow.


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Watch Our #Shorts Video To See These 3 Easy-To-Use Seedling Transplanting Tools

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Learn about these 3 easy-to-use seedling transplanting tools on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.