Got weeds? We have strategies to help you with weed control. 

In general, a weed is any unwanted plant growing in your yard.  Specifically, a weed adapts to different environments by reproducing and/or spreading quickly in an area. 

Usually, a weed will try to out-compete any native or other plants in your yard for sun, water, soil, nutrients, and space. 

Different weeds grow, flower, and reproduce during different times of the year. Examples of this are in the spring you can see a surge of Vetch and Clover, along with Dandelions. In the summer through to the fall, you can see Blackberry canes grow and take over a whole area, along with Thistles, Morning Glory, and others.

Therefore, weed control is a crucial step in your garden maintenance plan.

Luckily, we can help!

Check Out These Weed Control Resources:

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