Learn what six things you can do to your garden right now to attract more pollinators this spring.


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Today’s Topic: 

6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Attract More Pollinators to Your GArden This Spring.

In this podcast, you’ll learn six things to do this spring to attract more pollinators and why they are important.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Six different things you can do to attract more pollinators.
  • Links and videos for further resources or education.


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If you’re like Allison and me, you like seeing pollinators in your garden year round and seeing them in the spring is Super Exciting! Yay!

Here are some ways to attract more pollinators to your garden this spring:

  • Group plants together so there are more flowers in one place.
  • Grow different kinds of flowers with a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Don’t use pesticides, as they can sicken and keep pollinators away. Deter pests by encouraging natural predators and good care practices.
  • Use native plants when possible to attract more native pollinators. They are familiar with them anyway and are looking for them.
  • Have a water source nearby.
  • And provide habitat and covering.


That’s our quick list to attract more pollinators to your garden this spring. Check out this episodes webpage for more information on pollinators and much more, at spokengarden.com


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Learn what six things you can do to your garden right now to attract more pollinators this spring.