What is it about garden Roses that interests you the most?

Is it their beauty? Their delicate petals and colors?

For us, it is all of those things plus their extensive history.

Actually, the history of Roses and Rose cultivation is vast and often a bit confusing.

So vast, most Rosarians (gardeners specializing in Roses) agree that Roses can be divided into two groups depending on how long ago they were cultivated with 1867 as the demarcation line.

Those beauties cultivated before 1867 are called “Old Garden Roses.” Roses that were cultivated after that year are referred to as “Modern Garden Roses.” Oftentimes a third division is made for “Wild Roses.”


bright orange, pink, and cream mixed rose flower in full bloom.

Can you tell the difference between all 8 Types of Modern Roses?


In our DIY Garden Minute Ep. 58 – “Types of Modern Roses,” we’ll explain the various types of Modern Roses and how their appearance differs from each other.

This episode is meant for any level of gardener who wants to learn about the different types of Modern Roses in their yard.

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Variety of Roses

Roses are as diverse as they are beautiful.

Available in almost any color you can think of, Roses have been bred and cultivated for hundreds of years.

This particular group of Roses, the Modern Garden group, differ in many ways including:

  • Flower size
  • Number of flowers per stem
  • Shape
  • Growth habit
  • Color
  • Pruning needs

These roses are as diverse as they are beautiful.


Types of Modern Roses

There are at least 8 different types of Modern Roses, maybe more.

Below is a list of the Roses featured in this podcast:

  • Hybrid-Tea Rose are upright, narrow smaller Rose plants with single flowers on the end of each stem. Can be described as “aristocratic”. Can grow 2-6 feet tall.
  • Grandi-Flora Roses are related to Hybrid Tea-Roses, but are taller reaching 8-10 feet tall.
  • Floribunda Roses are related to and are smaller than Hybrid Tea-Roses both in flower size and height.
  • Polyantha Roses are also related to Hybrid Tea-Roses and are compact plants no larger than 2-feet tall that produce small blossoms in large sprays.
  • Miniature Roses closely resemble the Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses but only about 1-1.5 ft tall. Their flowers and foliage are proportional to their size difference to the hybrids and floribunda’s.
  • Ground Cover Roses are very low growing Rose plants only getting 2 or so feet tall that spread 3 or more feet out.
  • Shrub Roses are Rose plants specifically bread for a shrub form ranging in height and width due to many kinds to choose from and are bred to be planted with other landscape perennials that continuously flower over seasons.
  • Climbing Roses are Rose bushes that simply produce long strong canes that grow upright and can be trained, and need to be attached or tied on a wall, arbor, or trellis.


For more information about Roses in general, check out Roses: A Gardener’s Guide and Plant Profile.


Roses For Sale

Whether you already have different kinds of Roses in your garden, or you are looking to purchase your first plant, we’ve gathered a selection of best-selling plants for you to choose from.


Hybid-Tea Roses

A hybrid-tea rose in full bloom showing peach and white colored petals with pink fringe.

The Peace Hybrid-Tea Rose






Floribunda Roses

Fully open cluster of burgundy to purple rose blooms.

‘Burgundy Iceburg’ Floribunda Rose.


Shrub Rose

Soft orange with pink hugh fully open rose blooms.

‘Tequila’ Shrub Rose


Climbing Rose

Bright red fully open rose flowers.

‘Arborose’ Florentina Climbing Rose.


Modern Rose Accessories or Materials



A bright pink plastic bag of Jobes' Organic Fertilizer Spikes Roses.

Jobes’ Organic Rose and Flower Fertilizer Spikes.


Modern Roses Conclusion

By understanding and identifying your Roses, you can prolong their life for years of growth.

Whether Floribunda, Hybrid tea, Groundcover, or any of the other types of Modern Garden Roses, their history as a group began after 1867.

A beautiful addition to any garden, Modern Roses are economically significant and are as diverse as they are beautiful.


That’s all for this DIY garden minute episode!

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Today’s Topic:

Types of Modern Roses

Learn about 8 different kinds of Modern Roses and how they differ from each other.


Show Notes

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What You’ll Learn:

  • That Roses are broken into either Modern or Old Roses.
  • How to identify differences between 8 different Modern Roses.


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