What are two ways to check the texture of your garden soil and why it is important? Listen to this quick podcast to learn more.




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Small hole dug into the soil with blue-handled trowel to find soil texture

Today’s Topic: 

Two Ways to Test Your Garden Soil

In this podcast, you’ll learn two quick and simple methods for finding the texture of your soil. You don’t want to miss out on this week’s DIY Garden Minute podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What are two ways you can check your gardens’ soil texture fast.
  • Why you should care.
  • Resources and links for more information.


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What are two ways to check your soil texture fast?

It’s really important to know your garden’s soil texture because certain plants grow and thrive better in different kinds of soil. For water drainage and available air, water, and nutrients to stay healthy and produce beautiful flowers, amongst many other reasons.

Here are some examples of plants that like certain soil textures over others:

  • Preferring wetter soils where there can be more of a clay texture in the soil (where water is held tighter and drains slower because of the clay particles)
    • Asters
    • Hostas
    • Siberian Irises
    • Heuchera or Coral Bells
    • Russian Sage
    • Tropicana Canna Lily
    • Dogwoods (Red O’sier and Yellow-Twig)
    • Willow shrubs and trees
  • Preferring more of a sand texture in the soil (where water is not held tightly and rains fast)
    • Lavenders
    • Bearded Iris
    • Black-eyed Susan
    • Salvia
    • Butterfly Milkweed
    • Sedums

Here are two easy ways to test your garden soil texture: 

1) The Ribbon Test

Dig down anywhere from 6-12 inches. Grab a handful of the soil and add water to it in your hand until you can close your hand and form a ball.

Hear about the rest of the steps on this episode. 


2) Garden Tutor Soil Testing kit

We found this soil texture testing kit on Amazon made by Garden Tutor. It was super easy and quick.

Also, we made a YouTube video showing the steps to complete the test and also how simple it was for us to use.



And, if you have more questions on how to care for your plants after you’ve planted them, please email us and let us know.



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Learn two ways to check the texture of your garden soil and learn why it is important. Listen to this quick podcast to learn more.