If you’re looking for Easter flowers to give as gifts, our list of 5 suggested flowers will be a perfect place to start.

What better way to celebrate the spring season than with a beautiful Easter flower arrangement

There are many types of Easter flowers associated with this holiday of rebirth, so we’ve narrowed the list down to five flower choices.

Choose your favorite flower option to give as an Easter gift basket, a stunning bouquet, or potted plant.

Yellow tulips- a type of Easter flower

In “Types of Easter Flowers” – DIY Garden Minute Ep. 77 – learn about five of our favorite Easter flowers you can give as gifts.

This episode is meant for any gardener who needs inspiration for an Easter gift.


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Types of Easter Flowers

Traditional Easter flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

They comprise most of the iconic spring flowers with their pastel colors and early bloom times (for most).

Perfect for gift baskets, bouquets, and flower arrangements, this list of flowers below will be sure to please any gift recipient.

Keep reading below for the top 5 flowers from this list that we prefer to give as Easter gifts or any gift for the spring season.


Easter Lily 

Whether you celebrate the Easter holiday for religious reasons or don’t celebrate it at all, Easter is a great time of year to think of flowers and how April brings so much color to our lives!

Lilies are often one of the first flowers that come to mind around the Easter holiday.

They have large, white trumpet-shaped flowers and are fragrant.

They usually come in a pot or a bouquet but can also be planted in the ground.



Daffodils are perfect for Easter because they symbolize the start of spring and new beginnings.

Buy them as a bouquet, a flower arrangement, or as bulbs for your gift recipient to add to their own garden!




Another perfect spring flower!

Tulips come in almost every color, shape, and size.

Similar to daffodils, buy them as a bouquet, a flower arrangement, or bulbs for your gift recipients to plants!



This plant might seem like an unusual choice for an Easter gift but azaleas are the gift that keeps on giving!

As a potted plant, they can be planted in the yard and enjoyed for years to come.

Plus, azaleas come in a variety of colors to choose from.



Who doesn’t love sweet, simple daisies? They represent pureness and innocence.

From Shasta daisies to Asters, check out these beautiful bouquets from Teleflora which can deliver same-day if needed.

Whether you are looking for bouquets in pink hues or white and yellow, these gifts would be perfect.


Easter Flowers For Sale

Below are the flowers from above for easy shopping. We’ve even linked to a bit of history about each flower.

Plus, we’re promoting seeds from Eden Brothers because of their healthy products and fast shipping times. In fact, we ordered quite a few seeds from them this year and the online ordering process was very easy.

Also, we’ve created a spring shopping list that might be helpful for you!


  1. Easter Lilies – Easter History / Gifts
  2. Daffodil– Easter History / Gifts
  3. Tulip– Easter History / Gifts
  4. Azalea– Easter History / Gifts
  5. Daisy– Easter History / Gifts


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Easter Flower Arrangements




Easter Videos

Below are a couple of additional videos that might be useful for you.



Types of Easter Flowers Conclusion

We’ve presented a brief history of Earth Day and 4 ideas for how you can go green in your garden.

From planting native plants to attracting local pollinators, you can ensure your garden will be happy as you create a more sustainable, eco-friendly yard.

Now we want to hear from you!

What Earth Day ideas do you wish to try in your own garden?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!


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Of the many types of Easter flowers you could give as a gift, these 5 flowers will be sure to be on your list.


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Types of Easter flowers

Learn ideas and suggestions for 5 different types of Easter flowers that would be great gifts for anyone in your life!


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