Learn the definition of square foot gardening and a few basics to get started.


Have you ever thought of how much food you could actually produce per square foot?

Square foot gardening is your answer and now is the time to give it a try!

swiss chard in a square foot garden

In “Square Foot Gardening, Defined” – DIY Garden Minute Ep. 66 – we’ll explain what exactly square foot gardening is so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your needs.

This episode is meant for a beginner gardener who wants to understand the basics of square foot gardening.

What is Square Foot Gardening?

Square-foot gardening is a simplified and efficient way to garden especially if you are short on space and on time.

Basically, raised beds are used and sectioned off into grids. Each grid, or square, contains one type of vegetable in it.

These raised beds can be created in various sizes, such as: 

  • 4×4 ft bed
  • 4×8 ft bed

Beds should be at least 6-12 inches deep for planting.

For example, you could plant numerous radishes in one square and then only one tomato plant in another. 




Square Foot Gardening Books

This method of gardening was developed and published by Mel Bartholomew in his 1981 book Square Foot Gardening. 


Book cover with the title Square Foot Gardening at the very top and showing a picture below the title with many different vegetable crops being grown in 1x1 square foot blocks and the author's picture in the lower right corner.

Find Out How You Can Grow Crops by Maximizing Your Gardening Area per Square Foot Using This Proven System!


Another great book for beginners to small space gardening is “Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet: Inventive Ideas For Growing Food in Small Spaces”.


Book cover with the title Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet at the top of the front cover and a picutre in the middle going down to the bottom showing carrots, onions, squash, greens, tomoatoes, turnips and other crops you can grow.

Limited Space in Your Garden Means This Book is a MUST READ!


Square Foot Garden Conclusion

If you are brand new to square foot gardening, this method of planting crops could yield great results for you.

Give it a try! Especially if you want to grow vegetables but you’re low on space.

Now we want to hear from you!

Are you thinking about trying a square foot garden?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!





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Learn the definition of square foot gardening.

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Square Foot Gardening

Learn how to grow as many different vegetable crops per square foot in your garden!


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