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Ready to Plan, Create, and Care for Your Dream Garden?

Join our 2020 Power-up Garden Care Challenge and let us coach you to better plant care. 

Smart, Sustainable Plant Care

Build Your Confidence in Garden Care.

Learning how to care for plants and general garden care in this post

Listen to both of our podcasts: The Spoken Garden podcast and The DIY Garden Minute podcast. 

Strengthen Your Plant Knowledge.

Christmas Rose

Read our plant profiles, garden care how-tos, pollinator tips, and more!  

Connect With Nature Around You.

Get to know your garden better through pruning, mulching, weeding, plant care, and more.  

We believe you have the ability to care for your garden, no matter what garden “thumb” color you are.

Sean and Allison from Spoken Garden - podcast interview with Allison

Sean and Allison McManus

Have you ever wanted to create a garden full of healthy, colorful flowers and plants but you had no idea how to get started? 

We want to help you understand that you do have the ability to grow the garden of your dreams. That’s why we created Spoken Garden in the first place, to teach you about smart, sustainable garden care.  

Throughout our blog, both podcasts, videos, and social media, it’s our mission to:

  • Build your confidence in garden care
  • Strengthen your plant knowledge
  • Help you connect with nature

Which is how the Power-up Garden Care Challenge came to be.  We wanted to develop a way to connect with you and help you finally accomplish your garden goals this year.

However, we didn’t want to just hand you a worksheet and wish you luck. We’ll be coming along with you on your journey to better plant care. Each month, we’ll check in with you on your progress and teach you a new topic. 

We’ll teach you how to set your garden goals and priorities, take a garden inventory, and then plan, design, build, and care for your garden the rest of the year.

Yep, this is your “start-to-finish”, step-by-step garden care program for the rest of the year, broken down into month-by-month steps for you.

You can finally move forward on your garden dream. 

And this is just the beginning!

Do yourself a favor this year, join our Power-up Challenge, as well as our Spoken Garden community, and let us show you that you have the ability to succeed and care for your garden.