Smart and Sustainable Garden Gifts

Find 12 Smart and Sustainable Christmas Garden Gifts for Beginner Gardeners. This gift guide features 12 gifts including must-have tools, informative books, and more!

Corona ClassicCUT Bypass Pruners

 Dependable; durable; steel construction; clean cuts; great for use in different pruning situations and weather conditions; 1-inch diameter cutting size.

best pruning shears by Corona

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Dramm Watering Wand

 Choose from watering wandsspray guns, their valveshoses; USA-made products; packaged in sustainable, low waste materials; offered in orange, red, yellow, purple, blue, or green; One-Touch line has a thumb control valve to control the water flow.

Christmas Garden gifts from Dramm

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Orbit Water Timer

Eco-friendly, water-conscious product; water timer can be set to desired length or frequency; save money on resources and bills; easy to use and set up; can help new gardeners monitor their water usage.

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EarthBOX Self-Watering Garden Kit

For people who are busy, travel a lot, or forgetful; eliminates the need to hand-water; includes water reservoir, small pipe, container, seed packets, fertilizer, and 4 castors; can be used on balconies, decks, windowsills, and even indoors!

self watering kit

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Garden or Plant App

For the technology-minded, first-time gardener; most apps are free but some apps have a fee; examples of apps available at Google or iTunes: 

  • PlantSnap – A plant identification app (free)
  • PlantSnap pro – Same as above but more advanced ($9.99)
  • Waterbot – For tracking a watering routine (free)
  • Indoor Plant Guide (free)
  • FlowerChecker

White Cell phone showing garden app

Heirloom Deluxe Garden 30-Pack Seeds

30-pack of heirloom garden seeds from True Leaf Market; grow tomatoes (2 species), Lettuce (many varieties), Squashes (multiple varieties), Peppers (2 species), Cantaloupe, Root vegetables (multiple types), Cucumbers, Herbs (Basil, dill, oregano, etc), Flowers (Nasturtiums, sunflowers, and more!)

Variety of heirloom garden seeds

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Bamboo Garden Gloves

Perfect for a beginning gardener; made of bamboo fiber; protects your hands; can handle rough materials; super tough;  snag-resistant; puncture-resistant; machine-washable (they just need to be hung dry).

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Compost Tumbler

Perfect for an eco-friendly, first-time gardener; great option for those with less space; no digging or mixing by hand; eliminates an open-air bin that could easily attract critters; more affordable than the other expensive composting tumblers and offers the same value.

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Power Planter Bulb Auger

Perfect for bulb planting, digging in the dirt, or digging other types of holes; lessened the physical need to dig and plant; eliminated soreness in our backs or knees; easy to handle and use right out of the package.

Planting bulbs with a bulb auger

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Flower Bulbs

Spring-planted bulbs that bloom in the summer are a great gift idea; Eden Brothers is a seed and bulb company we love and have purchased from many times. Their products are healthy, ship quickly, and are of great quality; DahliasCalla Lilies

BegoniasGladiolusAstilbe;  Ranunculus/Freesia mix

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Pollinator Gifts

Attracting pollinators, such as birds, bees, and butterflies, with a bird feeder, hummingbird feeder, or a mason bee house. And, if they have little ones of their own at home, here is a great bird feeder option that will let them watch wildlife up close!

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Beginning Gardener Reading Set

Help build their gardening know-how with these three AWESOME books and create our own beginner gardener collection!

1) Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to grow veggies, herbs, flowers, and more in a container garden or small space.

 2) Field Guide to Urban Gardening

Urban gardening is a way of life for many gardeners who live in smaller spaces.


3) Beginner’s Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Techniques to Help You Get Started

First-time gardeners lack the basic know-how at first and need helpful resources to help them grow. This book offers step-by-step instructions and photographs to help anyone follow along.

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