Pruning is the removal of branches, stems, leaves, flowers, and other plant tissues in order to:

  • Reduce or eliminate branches and stems that may be crossing or rubbing
  • Eliminate dead or dying tissue, and
  • To improve the aesthetic look of the plant.


A vital step in your garden maintenance plan should include general pruning.

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Types of Pruning Cuts

There are two types of pruning cuts you can make.

  1. Thinning Cuts: When you selectively cut single limbs or stems off a plant all the way back to its point of attachment. This doesn’t necessarily mean the whole limb; maybe just a section or branch. This type of pruning is best for most trees. 
  2. Heading Cuts: When you selectively cut limbs or stems not at their point of attachment nor near other growth points. This type of pruning is best for compact and dense growing plants.

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