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Get the 1-on-1 garden coaching you have always wanted! Ask questions, and get the guidance and encouragement to realize your best garden.

Please fill out our Pruning Coaching questionnaire below so we can better understand how we can help you during our 30 minute coaching session.

Some example pruning topics for you are:

  • How do I know which pruning tool to use? 
  • What is the difference between pruning herbaceous and hardwood perennials?
  • Can I prune any plant anytime of year that I want?
  • To hedge or not to hedge?

Let us help you understand, improve, and get the most enjoyment from your flower garden and other ornamental plants.  Fill out the questionnaire and make sure to hit that submit button

As a reminder, please plan and book your coaching session at least 1 week in advance.

We can’t wait to meet and help you in your garden!