Learn Lavender care in this mini plant profile about the lavender plants in your garden so you can help them thrive year after year!

Lavender is one of our favorite summer-blooming plants for so many reasons.

It is low maintenance, drought-tolerant, and a haven for pollinators.

Learn quick care and planting tips for this striking, summer-blooming plant!


In “Lavender Care – A Mini Plant Profile” – DIY Garden Minute Ep. 103 – learn proper plant care and quick growing tips. 

This episode is meant for any gardener who is looking for an introduction to growing and caring for the lavender in their yard.  

Also, you are obviously here because you want to know more about lavender, we have a free plant profile sheet at this link!


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To prune or deadhead your lavender after the blooms are spent (most likely in the fall), you need to use the proper tools.

✅ This specific tool is perfect for deadheading all your lavender and most other plants in your garden.  

These pruning shears we are recommending are best for any plant material that measures up to an inch in diameter and the ones we’ve been using for years. Perfect for lavender! (Check out the pruning video below for help).



Lavender Plant Care

Who wouldn’t want to grow a plant that you can eat, infuse, or use medicinally? This plant is versatile, drought-tolerant, and it is downright beautiful!

Lavender care facts:

  • Considered an evergreen perennial.
  • In the mint family of plants, Lamiaceae.
  • Has many small purple-bluish, sometimes pink flowers on one flowering stem.
  • Blooms during the summer and some varieties can flower into the fall.
  • Generally, most species and types grow in Sunset= Zones 2 to 24. USDA= Hardy to zones5 to 10. 
  • They prefer full sun.
  • They like well-draining and rocky soil.
  • These plants need moderate watering.
  • Native to the Mediterranean region, Canary Islands, and Madeira.
  • Low levels of maintenance needed.
  • Thrives in rock mulch and in arid climates.
  • Some pruning required and they respond well to shearing and hedging (check out the video below).


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 Lavender Videos



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Lavender Conclusion

Due to its low-maintenance and amazing benefits, we cannot think of a single reason why you wouldn’t want to plant lavender in your garden.

Perfect for either the beginner or busy gardener, lavender is easy and instantly beneficial.

While not asking for much, they are a low-maintenance, beautiful addition to any garden.

Now we want to hear from you!

Do you have any questions about lavender care that we didn’t mention?

Let us know by leaving a quick comment below. Thanks!


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Learn Lavender care in this mini plant profile about the lavender plants in your garden so you can help them thrive year after year!


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Lavender Care

Learn how to properly care for lavender to help them thrive in your garden.


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