You have located a great garden space to plant your Primroses but you’re unsure how to get started.

Landscaping with Primroses can be easy and beneficial if you know what to do.

Landscape design using purple Primroses and white Tulips in Spoken Garden's DIY garden minute podcast

In our DIY Garden Minute Ep. 61 – “Landscaping with Primroses” we’ll discuss general landscape ideas and tips for your garden. 

This episode is meant for any level of gardener who is looking for ideas and inspiration for the Primroses in their yard.  

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Adding Primroses in Your Landscape

These plants are absolutely gorgeous and will give your garden that “POP” you need in the winter into spring, BUT how should you landscape with them to really get your bang for your buck?

Here is how to get your money’s worth out of Primroses!

  • Many Primroses work great in groupings directly underneath large canopied trees like Dogwoods, Maples, Birch, and many other trees.
  • You can put similar or like colors together or completely jumble different colors together.
  • They also work well as edging plants on the outside of a landscape bed under trees. Either in one or two plant deep rows along walkways or bed edges can really define a path and draw the eye.
  • They are also very beautiful in scattered groupings interspersed amongst other perennial plants in garden beds, BUT also in their own decorative pots. 
    • Using pairs or graduated sizes of decorative pots filled with only Primroses, they can burst with color and be show pieces at entrances or accent pieces by themselves on patios or decks. Truly gorgeous!
  • Listen to DIY Episode 59 – Primula vulgaris: A Mini Plant-Profile and DIY Episode 60 – Primrose Care for Primrose growing and care needs.

For more information about Primroses in general, check out Primrose: A Gardener’s Guide and Plant Profile.



Primrose Plants For Sale

Whether you already have Primrose in your garden, or you are looking to purchase your first plant, we’ve gathered a selection of best-selling plants and seeds for you to choose from.

Now it’s time to pick out your own Primroses for your garden!

The best part is there are so many beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes available.

Furthermore, we’ve gathered both Primrose seeds and Primrose live plants for you to choose from!


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Primrose Care Conclusion

Primroses are a beautiful addition to any garden.

Whether in groupings along edges, amongst other evergreen plants or underneath trees, this plant is one to absolutely have.

One solid color or a mix of many, Primrose will give vibrancy to your garden in the winter that you just wouldn’t otherwise have.


That’s all for this DIY garden minute episode!

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Today’s Topic: 

Landscaping With Primroses

In this podcast, you’ll learn landscaping ideas and tips for the Primroses in your yard.


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What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn landscaping tips and where to place Primroses in your landscape. 
  • Learn container planting and color ideas for Primroses.


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