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Learn how to choose the right summer flowering bulb for your garden on this quick garden minute podcast.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to choose what summer flowering bulbs to add to your garden
  • What bulbs grow best in Full Sun, Part or Full Shade, Drought Conditions, and Boggy Soils

What Summer Flowering Bulbs Should You Plant?

Planting summer bulbs in your garden is a fun way to make or keep your garden unique from all your neighbors gardens and there are many to choose from.

It can be hard, though, to pick which ones to grow because you might not be sure if you have the right growing conditions in your garden.

Well, don’t worry, because if you are having trouble picking summer bulbs for your garden, we have you covered.

On this quick episode, I am going to tell you three different bulbs you can plant in full sun, part or full shade, and are drought-tolerant or like really wet soil.

So, let’s do this! 

Where to Plant Specific Summer Flowering Bulbs

First up, what summer flowering bulbs can you plant in full sun? They are:

  1. Gladiolus, one of my favorites!
  2. Dahlias, which have many different flower forms, and 
  3. Calla Lilies

Now, what summer flowering bulbs thrive in part to mostly shade? They are:

  1. Elephant Ears or Colocasia esculenta
  2. Hostas, and 
  3. Tuberous Begonias

Next, we have summer flowering bulbs that are drought tolerant, once established in your garden. They include:

  1. Bearded Iris
  2. Crocosmia
  3. Liatris

And lastly, we have summer flowering bulbs that are perfectly happy in really wet or boggy soils. They are:

  1. Siberian Hybrid Iris’s
  2. Again, Elephant Ears or Colocasia, and
  3. Calla Lilies



Now, if these don’t sound good, there are many more to choose from.

Head over to our YouTube channel @spokengarden for bulb plant and caring videos.

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Happy Bulb gardening!

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