How Our Podcast Began….the Back Story

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Well, this Podcast has had an interesting start.

How we began our podcast

How we began our podcast

Most of us have listened to a podcast before or read a blog post, but to create your own?  Talk about jumping out of your comfort zone!  We did it, though, …..”and it went a little somethin’ like this…”

Allison and I are both BIG fans of listening to podcasts. From NPR’s “Wait-Wait”, to Freakonomics Radio (one of our faves), to different Psychology and online business development shows. It was so fascinating to hear different people talk about their topics and to learn about all they had to offer.  All the hosts talked with confidence, ease, and sounded professional, prompting us to keep listening. Some podcasts we even listened to until we had binge-listened to all their episodes.

On our new path. photo by atmphotography

On our new path. photo by atmphotography

It got us both thinking about “why couldn’t we do that”?  I have always been told that I had a “radio voice,” so it seemed like it would be worth a try. In addition, I had switched from listening from my satellite radio to podcasts exclusively on my daily 2.5-hour round-trip commute. As I drove through traffic, I would listen to podcasts from Steve Jackson, Pat Flynn, and others about how to podcast which left me feeling invigorated and energized to start our own show and take a new path.

After listening to a number of different podcasts, Allison and I decided to give it a try.  Our thought was to start small with short segments at or under five minutes. We wanted to be able to clearly talk to listeners about topics involving DIY gardening because that is our background, and we also needed a name. The initial inspiration for our name was from “the spoken word” which is the concept of communicating using language to get an idea or topic across to others. That made sense. We were “speaking” about gardening. Therefore, we planned to communicate to listeners and readers about different garden topics that they could do themselves now brought to life by SpokenGarden.

Next, we needed to find a place to air our segments. The first platform that fit our needs, at the time, and worked fairly simply was .  Here we created the SpokenGarden Channel trying out different voice inflections. I practiced by recording segments around the house and yard. The first practice segment regarded the simple topic of “watering” during the Summer because Allison and I were about to leave for our annual Summer RV trip.  I was setting up the automatic drip irrigation system in the backyard, and as I was getting the system set up, I started recording some sample segments with my phone. I finally picked the segment on how to keep potted plants well-watered over the hot Summer months. Then, I started posting other segments that came to my mind regarding garden topics on Anchor. It was instantly fun because other users began calling in to comment on our “garden” channel. This and other segments that followed on weeding and mulching were similarly popular.

As we fine-tuned the channel over the next couple of months, our main focus to release recorded audio further developed into what we have today.  We started studying our favorite podcast episodes, including their formatting, segments, music choices, voice inflections, questions and content, and their calls-to-action. We used this information on our first couple of actual podcasts. Next, we began experimenting with episode segments and also the use of music.  The format was very basic. We had to search for and found free music to use with the caveat that we always gave credit to the artist.

When I started recording these first few episodes, it was an uncomfortable feeling. The practice of talking to no one using only my phone and my laptop was a huge hurdle. Part of this practice is called “finding your voice” and getting your rhythm right.  It’s definitely not something that came naturally to me. To this day, I am still fine-tuning my technique and voice with every new podcast I record.

So that brings us to today and our most recent episodes.  Both Allison and I are confident that as time marches on we will get better at presenting DIY garden topics and helpful information to everyone. It’s been a true learning experience and we know there is always more information to absorb. Subscribe to our blog and podcast, and take the journey with us. We hope to see your comments and topic suggestions, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  This is why we are here.  Thanks for reading and see you in the garden!

Our podcast is beginning to bloom! photo by atmphotography

Our podcast is beginning to bloom! photo by atmphotography

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