Listen to this interview with Sean to learn how his family’s rhododendron farm led to a lifelong passion to teach others about plant care.



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Purple rhododendrons in this interview about a gardener's career in plants


Today’s Topic: 

An Interview with Sean!

In this podcast, learn how Sean’s career with plants began when he was very young and how his past influenced his present love of plants.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Sean’s family owned a rhododendron farm.
  • Sean’s background and degrees in Horticulture.
  • How he passed up on an opportunity to pursue his Doctorate in Horticulture.
  • How he started Spoken Garden as an outlet from his day job.


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A Lifelong Passion for Plants and Plant Care

Did your love of plants begin at an early age, or is it more of a recent thing?

Sean’s love of gardening and plants started a long time ago when he was young. Today, he teaches others how to create and care for their own plants with love and dedication. 

On this episode, Allison is going to interview Sean about how his past influenced his present love of plant care and ESPECIALLY his love of teaching others about plant care. 


Listen to learn about his past and what led him to create both the Spoken Garden podcast and the DIY Garden Minute podcasts.




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Learn how Sean’s career in plants began at a young age on his family’s rhododendron farm and how that led to a lifelong passion to teach others about plant care.