Learn what you can use to make a homemade garden container on this quick podcast.




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Making garden containers out of household items on a wooden tabletop

Many household items can be used as garden containers as long as they fit the criteria outlined in this podcast.

Today’s Topic: 

Making Homemade Garden Containers

In this podcast, you’ll learn how some household items can be used to make good garden containers as long as they meet certain criteria.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Tips on what a garden container needs to function.
  • Supplies you can order if you can’t convert household items.
  • Resources and links for more information.


Some of the resources and products below may be affiliate links, meaning we might get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

Homemade Garden Containers from What You Already Have

We all need to stay home right now to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe while we ride out this pandemic. One way to pass the time is to get outside in your garden, right?

If you want to add some flower containers to your garden, but don’t want to risk your health by leaving your home, you may be able to use a household item instead. You can also buy one online and have it shipped. 

Create your flower containers using various household items as long as they meet some specific criteria. 

  • Retain water
  • Hold and retain soil 
  • Have enough depth for plants to develop roots to take up water, nutrients and be anchored in place. 
  • Be durable enough to withstand repeated watering and possibly moving around during the spring and summer months, or even longer. 

Listen to the podcast above for more details.


If you can’t convert containers

If you don’t have any household options at home that fit the criteria, then there are online options too, but they could be delayed by higher priority deliveries.

Below are supplies to help get the job done:



And, if you have any questions on how to care for your plants after you’ve planted them, please email us.



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Learn what you need to make a homemade garden planter on this quick podcast.