Learn the differences between a granular and liquid fertilizer, AND when to use them in your garden on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.


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Granular vs Liquid Fertilizer

Just like us humans, plants need a steady diet of nutrients to stay healthy.

They take in nutrients that are available in the soil surrounding their roots.

Two types of fertilizers you can use to keep your plants healthy all spring and summer long are granular and liquid fertilizers.

But what’s the difference and when should you use either of them?

Here’s what they are and when you can use them in your garden. 

  • Granular Fertilizers – usually refers to time-release small pellets that release nutrients in small amounts every time the plant is watered or it rains. This is good for continual, consistent small amounts of fertilizing for your plants over a certain time period. Great for herbaceous and evergreen perennials, along with annuals.
  • Liquid Fertilizers – refers to a watery mixed solution applied on a weekly basis and sometimes even more frequently. Use liquid fertilizers are great for fast and easy application and quick uptake by plants. Great for seedlings, vegetables, and annuals


Using granular fertilizers take very little effort and time to use and apply.

They don’t require any mixing or repeated handling as they are usually a one-time application for 3 to 6 to even up to 12 months, depending on which one you use.

If you want slow, consistent fertilizing of your plants over a period of time, use a granular fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizers are more labor intensive, needing to be measured and mixed for each application and use.

If you want to give your plants a quick shot of nutrients, then use a liquid fertilizer.



Watch Our #Shorts Video To See Sean Describe What to Look For



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Learn the differences between a granular and liquid fertilizer, AND when to use them in your garden on this quick DIY Garden Minute podcast.